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  • They make a lot of profit from it.  If you don't mind that then fair enough, but I don't like that they encourage people to think that they are volunteers and almost of charitable status and then they fleece you on race entries.  I feel that they should be honest about being a business if they want to charge those sort of fees.

  • Ok, should have read: Siggy, did you do SDW50 last year?

  • SC, wats the best resource for OW events and swimming?

  • Well done siggy.  great race report.

    I'm very tempted by this one next year as it's almost on home turf but it is expensive.

    I seem to remember you aren't too far away siggy so maybe we should find a river to swim somewhere next year instead of the lakes image

  • SDW50, Snap?  Ha! ha!  That involves running doesn't it?  My knees have enough trouble running a 10K!  

    No, this has been my longest proper swim over IM distance apart from a couple of 5 / 6 k swims last month!

    Thanks for the info on the timings!  I thought our wave (red) started at 1.45 and I was clambering out asking the time as they took the chip off and was told 4.10.  Either way 2 1/2 is reasonable for what I put in tbh!  I *do* want to get under the hour for the IM swim though!

    ItB, I'm in the process of moving down to Devon from Surrey.  Nice down here, but a lack of any decent lakes and rivers to swim in!

  • Snap!  There isn't really one placce where all events are listed.  H2Open magazine is trying to fill that gap but its taking time to get established.

    I find out about most of my events through Facebook.  There are various local and national groups set up depending on what sort of swimming you like doing.  For example, today I've been invited to one in September 2014, as well as three smaller get togethers in the next month or so.

  • Well done Siggy, personally can't think of anything worse than swimming 10k but very impressive!

  • Just found this discussion re swimming. Could you please advise me how it is possible to swim with a full calf cramp in both legs? I did Dart 10k once and it struck around 3k, despite me taking hydration and special tablets. There was nothing I could do to stretch it out and even the rescue man tried to stretch it out but to no avail. I found it completely impossible to continue and I was taken out. The ache continued for a few days. I feel I can never attempt a distance swim ever again in case it recurs though I love swimming! Is it possible to train to somehow overcome the pain?

  • Crikey!  Bring out your dead!!  This thread has been buried a while!!

    Richard, I used to get cramp in my calves on every longish distance swim I did.  I'm now very careful on the lead up to an event to make sure I'm properly hydrated prior to the event.  To the extent that I take a sachet of that stuff you're supposed to have after you get the sh1ts!  Magnesium tablets also help.  I also wear calf guards underneath the wetsuit to add a bit of extra compression to my calves.
    Having said that I've just done the Henley Bridge to Bridge (14K) on the weekend and forgot my calf guards!!  I still took the Dioralyte (sp?) sachet the evening before and a Nuun tablet in water as I went to the start.  The only time I got more than a real twinge was getting in and out at the feed stations / locks.  

    If I feel a twinge coming on I curl my toes back up towards my knees (as if you're stretching the calf).  It's like throwing an anchor out whilst your swimming, but at least you're still moving forwards.  I generally hardly kick my legs except in the last couple of hundred yards of the swim.

    My advice to you would be to get a sports massage and get the masseuse to concentrate specifically on your calves (more than they normally would).  It may hurt, but it will do you good!  There's obviously a weakness / underlying scar tissue there that you have (I know I have) and the massage may release something to help you, it did/does with me!  Also get one of those foam rollers and use it on your calves to keep them supple.  Don't stop with the foam roller on your calves either, use it on your ITB's and thighs.

    Hope that helps!


  • Seeing this reminds me I should really put upside sort of report on the recent Henley 'Bridge to Bridge' 14K swim from the weekend.  I'll set about it later tonight.   

  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)

    Seeing this reminds me I should really put upside sort of report on the recent Henley 'Bridge to Bridge' 14K swim from the weekend.  I'll set about it later tonight.   

    I was wondering if I had missed that!  I've recovered now and I got some therapy by filling in their feedback survey last night!!image

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