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I am looking at getting some new trainers for the NDW50 in May and was looking at getting some Hoka's.

I ran the race last year in NB Minimus MT10 and although they were fine, by the end my feet were sore and I would have benefited from some extra cushioning.

My questions are

  • Size wise what should I be looking at, I am a 8.5 in all the NB Minimus range so would need whatever the equivilent is on the Hoka's
  • Any recommendations on the model, given I will be running across the North Downs Way with its varied terrain.





  • if you're 8.5 in the NBs, go up another 1/2 size to get best fit as they do come up snug. my 1st pair were the same size as my old runners and are tight in length but fine across the foot - I went up a 1/2 size in my next and they are spot on

    for the NDW, it will really depend on the day - Stinson Evos will cope with most off-road conditions but the Mafate offers a slightly better grip as it's a pure trail shoe.

    getting hold of a pair is the hard part - they're as rare as rocking horse crap!  you can order direct from their French HQ but allowing for the € rate at the mo, and they charge a load for delivery (c €30 I think) then that can work out very expensive.  

    I'm desperate to get a pair of their tarmac versions for road running but they are like the Higgs boson - thought to exist but very difficult to find!!

  • Yeah, go up half a size. I went up 1 whole size and they're a little on the big size. I got mine from Snow and Rock in Chertsey. If you go on their website and put in which ones you want, you can see which stores stock them. I didn't want to buy them without trying them on first. Good luck!

  • I normally take a 10.5 in shoes but needed a 12 for the stinson evo. I think because they are quite narrow.
    I don't really get on with them. I think my legs feel better recovered the day after using them, but I find them so soulless to run in that it's not a good enough compensation. Might feel different if I'd just done 49 miles in em though image

  • Thanks for the responses, I will have a hunt around and go for a 9 and hopefully that will be ok. I best start looking now if they are that hard to get!

  • Well sometimes things do go right! Hoka Mafate size 9, £90.00, ordered. Happy days

  • Hokas arrived about a week ago and I have taken them on a couple of short runs, first being 8 miles over the downs. I had planned running longer but developed a blister under my right arch. Second run was 4 miles and I didn't get a blister, although it is possible I would have gotten one if I had carried on.

    Anyone else had this? sizing wise the 9's seem perfect in the toe box area, I am just a bit worried about this blistering.

  • not seen any blistering problems at all with my 2 pairs - maybe try changing socks??


  • I've just finished the tp100 with no blisters as fb says try a change of socks. What hokas did you get in the end ? On my mafates I had to cut down the insole slightly as it was to high but no such problem on my stinson
  • I managed to get a pair of Hoka Stinson Evos from Pete Bland Sports in Kendal a bit over a week ago. They were slightly narrower in the forefoot than the previous variant (which were on sale, but I preferred the new.) For trailrunning I normally take a 43.5 or 44 in ASICS, 44 in Salomon, even though road shoes can be down to 42.5. I got 44 in the Hokas. This is about right, though I have been using the optional volume adjuster under the insole and midweight long socks (Falke).

    On the Peak forest canal around New Mills they were fine for 10 miles and on the canal near Sale OK for 6 miles. I've been forefoot landing for over a year now and they work fine for that, though I have to correct a slight tendency to skid the forefoot on landing. I don't notice any tendency to blistering, though my sole starts to heat up if I don't correct that skidding.

    Looking forward to trying them on trails here in Norway soon, and I like them enough to consider running Boston mara in them in two weeks. Other shoes in rotation recently include Asics Lahar 2 and 4, Salomon Speedcross 3, Icebugs.

  • Thanks for the replys, I got the Mafates from Pete Bland. Going to try changing socks see if that helps, but it could just be that my feet need 'breaking in'

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