Edinburgh marathon spare place

Unfortunately due to injury I am unable to run this marathon. So I have a spare place for anyone 

that would like to participate. Name transfers are available up until March 31st. 




  • Hi Paul I'm looking for a place for a friend. Could you messsage me to let me know how much please? x
  • 1LSG – I'm not sure if you received my replies but you can reach me on paulstevenhewett@yahoo.co.uk to discuss the place.



  • Hi Paul if your place is still up for grabs i would be interested you can get in touch with me on davem@fayrefield.com

  • Hi guys - I  have a place up for grabs if anyone still needs one? Let me know and we can sort someting.


  • Simon, is your place still available?  I'm looking for a place.



  • Hi Tommy,

    Sorry my place has been sold now. Good luck in finding a spare place.


  • Hi Thomas, my place is still going if you need one?

  • Alright Paul - I managed to get one yesterday afternoon from somebody else.

    Thanks for coming back to me.

  • Ok no problem. Place still available to anyone else interested ..

  • hi everyone, unfortunately im pulling out due to injury(again) my IT band! it would cost £10 apparently to do a name transfer and that has to be done by 31st mar which i dont really see the point in. please message me if anyone is interested,thankyou

  • If anyone has a half marathon place going, me me me!image


  • You might as well run the proper one instead! 

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