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Hey guys

Due to run the liverpool half marathon on Sunday which im nervous about and slighty crapping myself abbout. I am unsure what to take with me for an energy boost along the run. Never tried gels so not sure whether to give that a go, however I am considering making scottish tablet as its full of sugary goodness and is delicious. Hs anyone else ever tried this before?If not any ideas on what would be good to try?



  • Always try out your nutritional strategy during your long training runs, On the day is a very bad idea 

  • Definitely make the tablet and give it to me after the race.

    You don't need the extra energy for 13 miles. Your body has a store and will let you run over 15 miles without extra. As m'learned colleague says - race day is a bad day to try out different nutrition.
  • It's too late to start eating things on race day, if you've not been eating them during training.  As Cougie says, though, you shouldn't need anything anyway.

    Stick with what you're used to now.

  • But out of curiosity, what is Scottish tablet?

  • a butter fudge cake - very sugar rich

  • It's YUM, is what it is image. I use it on ultras, really great, milky sugary goodness.

    But no, no need to use it just for a Half, that is a bit over-kill on the sugar front. Just have a decent dinner the night before, and a good light breakfast, toast or something, and you're laughing.

  • Cheers guys! lets just hope i will make it through this HM in one pieceimage

    Will maybe make the tablet for my housemates and they can eat it while spectating lol

  • If you're well trained and not carb depleted you should have enough energy in your body for 90 - 120 mins.  If you're expecting to take longer than two hours and to be going at a good effort the whole way round then you will do better if you take something with you - jellies are pretty good for most people but if there's anything that you've used before on a run without any trouble you should probably take that.

  • Tablet is the food of the gods.  A whole day's calories in a 1" square.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Jellies? Bit sloppy on the run image
  • Tablet may work for ultras, but I'd have thought the fat content would still be too high to replace gels.

  • Fat is the ultra runners friend image. I also use gels, but not as often as the manufacturers would like to make you think you need them image.

  • I use Kendal mint cake on long runs (training for Brighton marathon), and find it easier than jellybabies etc to chew, quite refreshing as well. Not sure how it measures up to gels etc as I don't tend to use them, but I think mint cake is similar to Tablet? I also eat a Nakd bar as well - yummy!

    As the others have said don't try anything on a race day that you haven't tried before! The consequences could most unpleasant! I'm assuming you've run the race so I hope it went well for you?


  • Hey everybody!

    Thanks for the advice, I ran my first HM yesterday which was a lot of fun, good atmosphere and the weather was decent. After taking on board all that you said I decided to give the tablet a miss instead I got up early had my porridge, toast and bananna and just incase I had a couple of jelly babies in my pocket during the run but didnt feel I needed them which was good I suppose. Still feeling on a high from yesterdayimage does anybody else get this after their race? Thanks again!

  • ps think I seen that Kendal mint cake in the cotswold store, is it commonly used by runners and out door people? id never heard of it before this.

  • Not for running, but isn't it compulsory to take it when out walking ?

    I'd choke on it if i tried to run breathe and eat that all in one go. Much easier walking though.

    If you want a healthy option - they do the brown version too. image
  • And chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake is even better...

    Photo of a long held ambition finally achieved....

    Me eating KMC at Everest Base Camp


  • I buy my Kendal mint cake online from Lakeland limited (not sold over here)They do a white and brown version and I have the one not covered in chocolate so it doesn't melt from being in my pocket! I have always found a small piece much easier to chew than jellybabies etc, but that's personal choice. Like the photo Dave BTW!

    Yes always on a high after a good run Mary Kate -so now you have to find yourself another challenge!! Well done! 

  • Loving the photo Dave, you climbed Everest? that's class! I want to try this KMC now just for the craic Iv been googling and it sounds tasty!

    Thank you Jelleybaby another challenge is definitely on the cardsimage is anyone else got anything good coming up lately?

  • Hi Mary Kate - I'm doing brighton marathon on 14th April - yikes!!!

    Enjoy hunting for your next challenge - the world's your oyster! image

  • The Lakeland Trails marathon gives out kendal mint cake instead of gels at the water stations. Suited me fine. I'm fairly relaxed about trying out new foods during races cause I have the belly of a goat and can stomach pretty much anything and everything. Tablet is the food of the gods and fat is indeed an ultra runner's friend. My preferred ultra fuel is now cheese sandwiches made with potato scone instead of bread. Yum!

  • Aw Jelleybaby Brighton Marathon will be epic! Would love to do it myself one day, good luck and I hope all goes well for you on the dayimage x

    Hey run-with-dogs I agree, tablet is the food of the gods I am going to whip up a batch for the family at Easter. Yea your cheese sandwiches sound pretty good too, id say they would be perfect for quick refueling. And potato scone is amazeballs!image

  • OKAY! So I now want to try some Scottish Tablet!

  • I'm with you Dustboy - can you recommend a good recipe Mary Kate (is it like fudge - I can make fudge!!!).

  • It's pretty much just the same as fudge, but more hard and crumbly instead if squishy. The taste is very similar but it has a nicer melt-in-the-mouth texture. Can be difficult to make just right. Thorntons used to sell bags of butter tablet which were bloody gorgeous. Not the same as buying a home made slab wrapped in grease proof paper at a church fundraiser though image

    I hope this link works but I usually follow this ladies recipe, she does add vanilla to her sugar though, iv not tried it but im sure it still tastes great. Goog God im really craving some tablet now! by the way if the link doesnt work just type scottish tablet into google, this womans recipe is one of the first to pop up i think.

  • Thanks Mary Kate - I'll give it a go this weekend! image You never know it may even come to Brighton with me!

    BTW - if you want to browse and consider other races to do, my son bought me this book for Christmas 'World's Ultimate Running Races' it's a lovely book to read through and day!

  • Thank you Jelleybaby I will check it out. Glad to hear you are giving the tablet a go I hope you like itimage

    And all the best for Brighton!pop up a thread when you have completed it to let me know how you got on. Good luck!

  • Check out 'lees of scotland' Scottish tablet in your local supermarket, it's excellent and I'm sure you'll find it locally to where you are.
  • If you have a branch of EAT near you they sell something called 'Scottish fudge'. But it's not really fudge, it's a lot more like tablet.
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