GPS watches / MP3 players - two devices, or one?

I used to use an iPhone and Nike Running to allow me to listen to music, to track route and speed, and to provide an instant location, should I get lost (it's happened!)

I no longer have an iPhone. The Nike Running app doesn't seem to like my Android handset as much, so for the last 6 months I've kept no stats (I'm not that bothered - but it's nice to have). The new phone is far too bulky to enjoy running with anyway (Galaxy Note 2).

I've looked at GPS watches, but these seem to provide route information after the event, and is accessed by uploading to a computer.

Does anyone know of a GPS watch that'll show me how to get back to my origin?  

My ideal device would be a watch, with the ability to act as an iPod shuffle, with some sort of display that allows me to find my car / home / somewhere familiar.


  • Runkeeper works very well on Android.

  • I've got a Garmin Foretrex 301, it'll do basic navigation. You can load waypoints into it and it'll display them on screen along with your position and a track of where you've been.

    It's a bit crude, but it's good enough if you want to run somewhere and then back-track to the start.

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