Amberswood Trail 10k

Online registration now up and running for the Amberswood Trail 10k

Now in its third year and increasingly popular. Theres a licensed bar at race HQ!


  • missed this last year owing to a race on the same day but reckon I'll get back to Wigan for this, heard good things.

  • Good mix of a fast trail for the competitive runner and a low key friendly atmosphere for new runners.

    Hope you make it seven: you'd hardly beleive you were in Wigan out on the trails round the lake!

    Hopefully we'll have some summer weather this summer too...

  • I did it last year it was great event around the trails and lake in Amberswood common. I'll be back this year.

  • What time does this race start?

  • The 2.5k fun run starts at 10:30 and the 10k goes off at 11:00am,

    Registration opens from 9am but get those pre-entries in now!

    Race date moved to June to avoid the mating locals.....the frogs!

  • Are the French running?

  • Ha!

    No International runners as yet Richard.

    We had the event a little later last year but we discovered that it was a bit too close to Frog mating season. There were concerns from local wildlife experts that the lifespan of the newly emerged froglets could be greatly reduced by a couple of hundred runners tramping across their migration trails!

    Not much fun for runners squishing baby frogs either!

    If you are thinking of entering you need to "hop to it"...groan....


  • sounds like you are all very eco friendly

  • can i enter on the day?

  • Is it trail shoes, or can you do it in normal trainers.

  • We went out for a recce of the course today and despite the recent tain its looking like you could get away with a road shoe if we have a few days of sun. Probably best to use a trail shoe if you have them though.

    Entires on the day available but get your pre-entries into be sure. 

  • are there decent showers available?

  • hi, does anyone know if there's any memento handed out like a medal or t shirt, tempted to do this one and the fun run with my son image

  • medals for the kids completing the fun run i think

  • i know the kids get a medal for the fun run,was just wondering about the main 10k race

  • Is teh 10k just for kids? I only ask as it's my first event like this and was gonna try and keep teh Mrs occupied (and inspired to do more) in the fun run.. Not sure she'd be too happy running just with kids?



  • Hi All

    No medal or memento for the 10k this year in an attempt to keep the costs down. We are considering if runners would be prepared to see a small increase in entry fees for next year in return for a memento of some kind? Feedback via here welcome!

    The 2.5k isnt just for kids! We do have a lot of youngsters doing it, but we already have some grown ups pre-entered! 

    The 10k has a minimum age limit of 16 so definitely not kids.

    On-line entry now closed but entry on the day available.

    Its looking like a decent weekend weatherwise so perfect conditions for a trail run!

  • Weather forecast looks fabulous for sunday in Wigan: Bright sunshine from 7am with a high of 14c. Trails should be in perfect condition for the races.

    Hoping for as lovely day out amongst the greenery of Amberswood with the chance of a refreshing beverage back at race HQ!

    Bar open throughout the day to keep race supporters happy, with a small kiddies play area for the little ones.

    Forget the garden centre...BnQ can wait till another day! Get your running shoes on and come out to play!


  • did this last year, great route!!  Last year was very different weather and it was definitely one for the trail shoes........what is the general consensus for this year?

  • With the rain earlier in the week it was looking like trail shoes were the way to go, and if you have them then definitely bring them!

    Now we have a few warm days most of the route is fairly firm with only the odd patch of outright sogginess. I wouldnt use your best road shoes but you would get away with  an old pair if you dont have trail shoes.

    Weather is looking tremendous for Sunday though!

  • Cheers, I will go with the trail shoes then. Looking forward to it again this year.

  • See you there! We are expecting a big field so trn up early!


  • Wow! what a great day!

    I hope everyone had as good an event as we all did.

    the sun shone, the course record fell, the runners kept running and the clun sold out of pies and peas!

    Free pics here as promised:





  • Great race yesterday, we had it all, good weather, good course and excellent marshalls. Definatley one of the better 10K's around. 

  • Enjoyed this one a lot actually, opted for trail shoes, could have definitely got away with a road shoe. Cracking marshalling and organisation and a good course made it total value for money. Ran a totally flat road 10k slower two weeks ago, this course was the fastest trail I've ever run. I got 40.01 (only 15 seconds outside road PB) on my watch, kind of hoping it gets rounded down but I'm not expecting it.

  • Well you can find out now!

    Results on line here:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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