Do you have an old wetsuit I can borrow, please?

Jr Schmunks would like to try OW swimming but I am loathe to buy a wetsuit for what could end up a passing whim. Unfortunately, my local lake does not have wetsuits available to try.

He is 5' 10" and is a 32-34" chest. Although he is only 13, I am sure a child's wetsuit would be too small and so would be looking for a small/medium man's suit.

It would be great if anyone has an old wetsuit lying around and would be willing to lend it to us for the summer.

Is anyone able to help, please? Happy to pay postage etc

You could be helping a young Tri newbie enter the world of Ironman and become a Pirate. Or the next Alistair Brownlee take gold at the 2020 Olympics image


  • I have one, its a few years old but sounds perfect, he can have it, PM me your address and you can have it for the postage.

    From memory its a QR Superfull, I did put my girly nails thru it a few years ago and had it professionally repaired and have never used it since.

    You know where I am if the offer is accepted.

  • I have a spare one the right height but I fear he'd be turning around inside it - I'm a bit larger than he is.......image

  • Zorbing in an ex FB wettie. LOL image

  • Schmunks, if Rosey's one doesn't fit I have one that almost certainly will - it was a snug fit on me so it would be about right for him.

  • Well, I measured his height at the weekend and he is literally head and shoulders above me now and topping the tape measure at 6ft image

    CD - Thanks for the offer.  I shall bear it in mind should other avenues fall through image

  • You must be standing on tip toes on a box to reach with that measuring tape Schmunkee....image


  • I have to stand on the bottom stair to give him a hug image
  • On its way this week, just got a box for it, if it doesn't fit, send it on to the next person looking.
  • Rosey .. why dont you bring it down with you Tuesday, you could give it to me for passing on ... will save postage?

  • Yup guys, that's fine with me too as we won't be going OW until at least May and maybe not until post Lanza
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