Cushioned shoes

Can any body recomened some soft lush cushioned shoes. Them that feel like your running on a deep pile carpet. Oh my poor poor shins!!!!!!


  • Could do with some more info Dano, what kind of running you want to do, weight,budget etc.
    Good shoe with lots of cushioning Asics Gel Kayano.
  • I am about 15 stone and for the past two years I have run in Adidas response, at one point I ran two 10 milers in 7 days plus training and I have never had a shin splint or a blister (touch wood). My second pair of shoes used to be Asics Gel Nimbus these were also good; I am now running in Adidas Calibrate which are excellent.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I find Nike Air Durham are a very soft ride. They're motion control shoes, and I weigh 10 and a half stone.

    Alternatively, you could try gel insoles like Sorbothane.
  • Personally, I've found the Air Pegasus gave a pretty good, soft ride. Also the Mizuno Wave Creation, which I use if my legs are feeling like they need a bit of TLC. A friend recently bought the Mizuno Wave Riders and found them very good. Would need to know what kind of running you want to do, though. All the above are road shoes.
  • Little Fil... Kayanos are cushioned well, although I would never say plush. It depends on your stability requirements
  • Sorry to come over all evangelistic, but....

    Try off-road, man! Let mother nature provide the cushioning.

    (PS - Nike Skylons are good and cheap - you'll be sold as soon as you slip them on).
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