Knee twinges - concern?

Hi, first time poster, hoping for some advice/hear from anyone with similar experiences. I've been running several years relatively injury free. Last month or so have upped weekly mileage to circa 20 miles. I'm fine during and immediately after the runs but I've started to develop a fairly sharp twinge in the inside of my left knee which most often happens when I move my hips or bend down. I imagine it is perhaps something to do with the medial cruciate, but any ideas on what to do about it. Is it a concern or nothing to worry about? Any suggestions for stretches/strengthening exercises that may help? Are these type of things typically the start of something serious? Appreciate any comments.


  • Hello,

    I'm having the same problem. Completely fine when running but usually the next morning my knee keeps locking then getting sharp twinges in my knee. Could anyone help?

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