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Hi all, am new to this, but am after some advice from fellow runners. I have torn my left quad and is really painful. Am due to run my first marathon in May and this has halted my training, am so gutted as was doing really well. How long should I rest for? Would a thigh support help?  Dr just said take anti inflammatories, which I have but only takes the edge off. Tried running through it, but prob not a good idea!!


  • May is  along time off

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I pulled both of my quads not long ago. Took about a week/week and a half to get better. How did you do yours?

    You know when you're fine again, when your quads feel better. There's not much you can do about it except give it time and rest. Don't try to run through it, it won't do you any good.

  • Thanks Mikasa, have no idea how I done it , think poss from upping my mileage. Have been discaplined and not run since Wednesday, and rested lots and been taking ibuprofen, already feeling lots better, so hopefully be able to go out next week. 

    Just panicked!!

  • Stretch, rest and get treatment if you can afford it.  You have plenty of time to get your long runs in before your event so don't fret it.  Sometime they can heal up in a couple of weeks, some take a bit longer but it is important not to start back again too soon.

    When you do, avoid hills for a while, and speed work.  Do some gentle runs which aren't going to tax the muscle, although you can build up the distance fairly quickly as long as the ground is flat and you keep the speed down.

  • Thank you SuperCaz, it is feeling better but still there so not going to run til hopefully next week and will keep it slow n flat. Is so frustrating though!!
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