• People are correct in saying that the disclaimer is not valid. It is subject to the 'red pencil' ie if it can be crossed out and the contract still can 'stand' then this is what happens in a legal sense. What I do not understand is why they bother knowing it is not valid?? I have always  assumed that it is a relevant factor when deciding how much compensation you are able to claim? Maybe the insurance companies insist on it? Anybody know?

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Just entered a race. On the many boxes that I had to fill, one of them asked if I understood that the organisers are no responsible for any accident or loss etc. Now I generally take responsibility for my own actions but if I tick yes does that mean I have no rights if they are negligent in any way?

    This is quite normal for running events. If you enter another event, tick the box.  

  • If you fall over and bang your head, just imagine you did it buying potatoes last Tuesday.

  • If you are stupid enough to wear headphones, then you deserve everything you get. 

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