pulled quad

Hi all, am new to this but need some advice. Am doing my first marathon in May, but I have pulled my quad and it reall hurts!! Am icing it up, and taking ibuprofen. Would a support help? How long should I rest it for? Am so gutted as training was going well and I don't want to stop but body telling me otherwise!!!


  • Depends how bad youve 'pulled' it.  RICE in acute stage (0 - 48/72 hours), then start gentle stretching and knee flexing and extending in pain-free range.  Then start assisted squats and gradually build up running.  When you have an injury No Pain = Gain!

  • Thank you. I Haven't run since last Sunday!!! I have been doing RICE and have started stretching, and is easing off. I was limping last week, but now walking ok, and no need for pain killers, but it is still "there". Hopefully be able to try a gentle jog next week. Just getting me down, when I was doing so well!!!

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