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Don't take the piss i'm not even sure if i'm going to buy a pair, but i'm considering it... IF SO does anywhere do fitting as it sounds like you are screwed if you get the wrong size image and...... if i'm going to get a pair i'll eventually want to try them at upto a marathon distance, which ones do you go for there seem to be so many of them? Are they all pretty much the same or is there a definitive one that is "the one" to go for if you are going to do an on road marathon.... I guess also what's the best for going through a bit of mud the sort of stuff that's only a couple of inches thick same ones, or do you need off road ones?



  • Hey Booktrunk, you could try and get some from Barefoot athlete as providing you don't get them messy you can send them back! image

    I actually did a blog about the five fingers if you want to give it a look....

    Its easier than re-typing it! ha ha ha image

    Sometimes you can find pop up stalls in shopping centres that have them, the last place I saw one was stratford westfield I think?

    Hope that helps a little bit! image


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    Cheers. it helped a little.

    Didn't really help with which ones do I go for it I go for a pair image


    But saying that i'll look at this barefoot athlete site and see what's on there.  Thanks.

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    Oh... it may just be me, but barefoot athlete's website doesn't seem to think women exist!! Oh well image

  • Well I can help with a pair to NOT go for if you want to go big. Dont get the "Sprint" model as they get very thin very fast and they fall to bits when you show them any rough stuff.

    They are the only ones I have had as I moved onto sandals, I didn't really like having my toes separated all the time and for me I just couldn't stop the blisters 

  • lol good point! Most of them are kind of generic but they did used to have a vivo women's section

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    Well I'll keep thinking about them... No idea if I eill ever get further then thinking.image it's probably just me being silly!!
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    Hummmmm Bikila.. They seem ok for distance running. Anyone agree / disagree they are suitable if I want to eventually do say a marathon in them?
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    So chaos where is the cheapest place to get a pair of 5 finger bikila's
  • I've got the classics which are one of the most basic pairs they do (no velcro straps securing them to feet, no special grip) and I run in them with absolutely no problems.

    I turned up to a special Vibram promotional day wearing them and the Vibram guys were amazed that I ran in them over the more rugged styles, but to be honest, the difference between the Classics and the Bikila or Spyridon is going to be a couple of mm of extra neoprene.

    Saying that, I do quite want a pair of the Spyridons ... supposedly for trail running but really because I like the colours image

    Sports Direct and Sports Pursuit often have Vibrams at reduced rates - check them out!

    Re: sizing, I've found Vibrams to be the same as my normal street shoes rather than my running shoes (maybe it's just me, but my running trainers are about 2 sizes bigger than my stilettos and ballet flats).

  • Possibly not helpful, but if you know anyone going to the States in the near future ask them to bring back a pair for you. I bought during a holiday to New York and they were about £30 cheaper than they are in the UK.

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    Thanks xineimage
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    My right for is a comfortable euro 37 and my left a big euro 38 ;(

    Why don't they sell individual shoesimage
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    Sod it!!

    I've done it, ordered a pair. Might use them once and eBay them..... Might be my best running decision ever, shrug, who knowsimage
  • let us know how you get on! The Bikila is the slightly thicker one right?

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    Back2Basics.  I will do image Should arrive on Monday.  Regarding thickness, I think they are the slightly thicker ones image  I  could be wrong about this, but that's what it seems to say from what i've read with a bit of padding under the ball of the foot compared to the skinnier ones.

    I'll give them a little trial as soon as I get them, if I can get my feet into them image

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    Just out of interest, why have you decided to go down the "barefoot" route?

    Also I think I read in another post that you have a marathon coming up. If you are not used to minimalist shoes then I would suggest running in your current shoes until after the marathon and then starting with the Vibrams. It does take quite a long time to transition from normal shoes.
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    Why? .... I'm not really sure partially a whim, partially my first real injury.

    I'm planning on wearing them out and about walking my dog quite a bit to begin with, and i'm thinking maybe a 5k once a week for the next few weeks. 

    I'm not planning on ditching my other shoes instantly image

    I'm curious as much as anything, I wander around a lot in barefeet including wandering through my local town at times, and frankly I just want to experiment.

    It could be an expensive whim that leads to nothing, but I just have an itch, and the only way to stop scratching it is going to be trying to run in a pair myself and see what they are like.

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    Good luck with them. Just don't do too much in them too soon as you don't want to wreck your calves before the marathon.
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    Yes, good point!!

  • NOTE: Going straight for a 5K run is TOO MUCH unless you've already been running in minimalist, or at least zero/minimal heel-toe drop, shoes. Try 1/2 mile to start with and work up from there. You may be able to do a bit more, since you say you're used to walking around barefooted, but better to try a bit and find you can do more, rather than assuming you can go straight for 5K then finding out you've knackered your calves...

    (I don't wear FFs myself - tried a pair on and they were too narrow - but I do all my running now in VB Neo/Neo trail).

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    Thanks for the advice image

    It's appreciated, sounds like it really is going to be dramatically different, I'm looking forward to it, sounds like starting again. May 6th will be my second mara a year to the week after I did my first run.

    I guess just do a little bit in them until then and use them more seriously after that.
  • Booktrunk, am not stalking you (honest).

    I too am awaiting deliver of my Bilikas (though not pink) and my main question is the best way to transition from 'normal' running shoes? My first marathon isn't until the end of September (Loch Ness) and training starts proper the beginning of May. If I can build up to running 3 miles in the bilikas by then would it be ok to do my short easy runs in them and gradually increase the distance until I can use them for my LSR and possible the Marathon?

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    Have a look on the homepage they have a training program which they say is a 13 week plan to get you fully running in them.... But, it says some can do it in weeks, others can take Upto a year!!

    Have a look on here

    It's you can see in this thread taking it easy is important to begin with, so I think that I will start in the first moth just getting some little runs in completely separate from my training program, so it's just a quiet little training on the sideimage

    But hey we can find out together per the next few weeks
  • Txs Booktrunk and yes, we can compare notesimage

    Never one to do things by halves I just ordered a DIY pair of Huaraches as well image

  • I've taken a pair of Komodo Sport from 5k to 20 mile and plan on running London in them.

    Advice for anyone considering adopting these shoes;

    1. Wear them in gently and slowly
    2. Work on calf exercises to strengthen
    3. Use the measuring tool to find your best size (they measure differently from regular shoes)
    4. Buy the socks for them to avoid blisters and a rancid stink
    5. Enjoy image

    I won't go back to regular shoes as my main pair now, the comfort is miles better and my running has improved dramatically. It took me two months to get back up to speed but I know it varies for everyone, just run how you feel.

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    They arrivedimage hurrah and they fit just. My left foot is virtually a whole size bigger. So right slightly loose and left is tightimage but it fits might have to wear 1 sockimage hehe anyway they fit. Have my first run in 2 weeks tonight after a knee injury, so... Doing a gentle 5k in normal trainers, then maybe a 1/2m / 1km spin in theseimage
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    5.1km in Asics 2170s followed by 1 km in my VFF's they felt very differentimage quite distracting when you look downimage

    It felt to me as if I ran a lot more upright in them, as if without realising it I'm slouching in my other trainers.

    Lack of padding felt fine.

    But, after I got home and sat down I have a slight ache in calves so i know I've been working in themimage

    All in all fun, and very exciting!
  • One word booktrunk - DOMS (ok, 4 words really) and look forward to how you are Thursday image

    Mine came but way too big so after a few phonecalls and re-measure have ordered Size 8 - my Riot 4's are 9.5!!!!! Tonight I'll be lacing up my Huaraches from Invisible Shoes image

    Good advice Shanko and have some calf exercises that I already do.

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    Yes these are euro 38 my asics 2170s are 40.5image so a huge difference.

    Complete opposites tight & snug compared to loose with tons of toe space.
  • Am even more jealous now but wandering around in my Huaraches so ner nerimage

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