Quad injury following assault course. 5 weeks to VLM!

So my marathon training has been going well, I have gotten up to 20 mikes withought too much of a porblem and only had minor niggles. That was until last weekend when I ran an assault course as part of a hen weekend. I now have pain around my knee, around my inside leg and pain down the fron of my quad- this is only on one side. I ran 13 miles the day after the assault course whoch seems to have aggrevated it and I was wondering if 2 days of rest and self massage is enough as I am starting to get twitchy! I am due to race 20 miles this weekend and obviously don't want to risk not being able to do the marathon in 5 weeks time.

Help anyone?


  • Don't take part in silly games when training for important races ?

    Physio ?
  • Get yourself to a physio pronto and see what is what. Don't run until you have it checked out the chances are you'll do more harm running than missing one 20 miler out of your training.

    If he can't help I think your fellow hens should carry you around on the course as penance.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Go and see a physio for sure.  It's so close to race day, it would be best to get some expert guidance.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am also doing VLM, training was going well until a dog ran under my bike yesterday and sent me flying.  I now can't walk.  Nothing broken but my quad is b*ggered.  No 20 miler for me this weekend.  No running.  Feeling sorry for myself. Grumpy.

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