Hi can anyone help me on what the best excercises are to strenghten the band, thanks


  • It is a tendon running from hip to knee. It already has the strength of steel. You need to improve the functioning of the muscles that aren't doing the job currently. In my case its mainly working on tensor facia latae and glutes. For general advice have a look through Health & Injury forum - '000s of posts on IT Band related injury/rehab. Take care - not all causes are the same for everyone, and not all rehab routines are appropriate
  • Ok thankyou will take a look, it seems a strange injury had it 2 weeks ago and it seems to be easing, i have got some new running shoes which i ran nearly 4 mile today and knee was fine.

  • Don't forget the old Foam Roller massage! image

  • Thanks im booked in to see a physio tommorow to get some advice and treatment even though it feels better im still not happy with it so going to get some advice and come away with stuff to do to make it better. Only £46 not cheap is it !

  • Hi guys went to physio on monday and she said it was not my IT band. She said my ligaments and tensons were all fine. She things where the cartledge is i may have some bruising around the bone down to my running trainers and muscle fatigue. My inner quad muscle needs re building as the muscle there is nothing near as big as the one on my right leg !. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue

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