Thursday 14th March 2013


Yesterdays lyrics: The Final Countdown by Europe...

Todays lyrics:I have a picture pinned to my wall

What: An easy session later.

Why: legs tight

Cold morning up here today.

Will catch up soon


  • Morning.

    Love this song birks.

    Tinebeest - forgot to thank you for the lecturing advice. I have another session booked and have been invited to apply for an associate lecturer position so need to decide if it's a direction I want to go in.

    donaldo - uh oh. Hope you get the all clear quickly. Take it easy though. Do you run with a HR monitor?

    As you may have guessed - I'm still here - and peak flow is slightly improved so no harm done with yesterday's little effort.

    What:             easy run
    Why:              I can
    Last hard:       sleeping still isn't easy
    Last rest:        12/3

    Lyrics - yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    LmH - enjoy your run!
    Donaldo - hope you get the thumbs up soon..

    what - easy run
    why - legs tired + mini taper for Sundays Hm
    last rest - sunday
    last hard - Tuesday
    lyric - I think I do..


  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    Ha! Good morning. Good tune. Good day here with blue sky, sun and no grey stuff.
    Donaldo, hope it all goes well.
    LMH hope the peak flow keeps improving and enjoy the run,
    Lyrics: Yes
    What: Gentle plod
    Why: Coz I have to
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

  • What: recovery run with JS later
    Why; legs need loosening up
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no

    Blue skies with a bit of white stuff around

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lmh, excellent!

    some tired legs knocking about here...

    what: nothing

    why: hair an dnails day I don't want to get sweaty

    last hard: last night, managed middle 3 miles in just under 26 mins, speeding up

    last easy: monday

    have a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • No tired legs here but unfortunately the lungs can't keep up with them. Not my finest run but it was good to be out there again and a beautiful morning for it. Frosty but bright and still with blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Anyone else struggling to get on the forums at times?

    What: a walk shortly
    Why: not going to risk my calf yet, although it does appear to be improving.

    Have been working today: keep being asked to do so by various schools and have just accepted 3 days a week at one school until the summer holidays.

    Good to see you getting out there, LMH, and take care SC and Don in particular.

    Wabo: I have yet to use the "hair and nails" excuse for not training! Changed your photo?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    Evening AH...yes indeed and also some of the competitions. Keep getting the banners across the entry from the home page. I keep thinking it's just me...I know it is on the non-technical days when I just cba to do anything tho!image

  • Couldn't post first thing - could read and the box came up for me to reply in but the cursor wouldn't go in it. Can't access the forum by typing in the url either - have to go to it through an active link to the training thread. Not sure what they're messing around at!


    Alehouse - sounds like good news on the work front.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    LMHgood to hear you got out, even if it was a careful run.  Have a support for the wrist which I wear when I'm doing anything that may hurt it.  Also stops me accidentally using it which is difficult as it only hurts when I put pressure through it so easy to forget. No exercises though
    Alehouse good news on the job, just take it easy
    Don any news?

    What: Nothing
    Why: too much white stuff and cba to face it again.

    Tried to start the thread this morning and it was having none of it.  I was hardly awake though, so maybe the site was still asleep would have been 4:45 UK time after all!

    Due to weather and holidays and weddings have almost (90%) come to the conclusion that the marathon I was aiming for on 12th May is not possible.  Think I will enter the half instead and set my sights on an autumn marathon instead that I can spend time properly training for.

    Have a good evening all.

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    No news as yet - doctor never called me back today.


    So, managing the risk, I did an easy 6 miles instead of my planned 4 x 1 mile reps with 3 mins recovery!  Took the heart rate monitor which showed an average of 128 for the run - comfortably low! image  46 mins tonight, legs a bit tired from last night.

    Lyrics - not today!

  • Donaldo - like it! image
    I once knew a runner who ran 2miles each way to her exercise tolerance test!

    Good you got out today LM.H

    5 miles recovery tonight with JS. Thigh is fine though colourful.
    Outside edge of foot is still niggling so cut my run a bit short.

    alehouse wrote (see)

    Wabo: I have yet to use the "hair and nails" excuse for not training!

    LOL I think my days are over for that excuse!image

  • Today the sun shone and it was calm and dry, so I went for a run. I never made it yesterday. T shirt and shorts seemed to be the order of the day. Hmm. 6 degrees meant that was a tad optimistic. Cold from the start so I kept the pace up into tempo region. HR never registered more than 32 bpm, as it was too cold for good contact and I never did break into a decent hot sweat. 6.5 miles later and a season's best around the rat run, at 7:16 m/m average. Even by the end of the run the finger ends were still frozen. A real endorphin rush.

  • Lots to catch up on


    Todays lyrics Thompson Twins and Hold me Now


    Off to work early ! 3 days left and really busy...


    Don't ask, so now time to start todays thread.

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