Ankle Injury

Hi, I'm a fairly experienced runner training for my second marathon. Last week my left ankle started hurting an hour or so after a run. It swelled up a little over the next day but had settled down and stopped hurting after three days. I went running again yesterday a week after my last run and it is a little sore again afterwards - though not as bad. The pain is on the inside of my ankle just above my heel right in the fleshy bit just behind the ankle bone. I'm not sure if that is my Achilles' tendon? This time last week, the day after the run it happened, it was quite painful. Today after running five miles yesterday it's just a little bit sore. Anyway - what should I do now? I feel like I could run on it but obviously don't want to make it worse. I can't really afford the lost training - lost a long run from my schedule last weekend already and I was probably a little behind schedule for my marathon training anyway - marathon is Windermere Marathon in May. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Thanks, Andrew
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