Powerman UK

August 11th in Sherborne Dorset.

Just saw this in the local rag and had a look at the website. This year I was going to get into the whole Tri thing. However i'm an appaling swimmer but pretty nifty at running and cycling so this looks right up might street. However looking into it, it looks like quite a big event aimed at people who are probably a lot better at duathlons than me. Would this be the kind of event that a normal bod could just give it a bash? It just put me off saying it was a qualifier for the world championships in Switzerland lol. I'm pretty sure I wont be representing England there any time soon image



  • you would have been better asking this in the Tri section

    however, you will find all levels of ability at Powerman - which is like a brand equivalent to Ironman but for duathlon - and not just those at the sharp end. sure you'll get pros racing it much as you would get at an IM but lots of ordinary folk as well.

    go for it - and who knows, you might just qualify for the world champs (which is for individuals btw not countries!)

    Sherborne used to host Ironman UK until it moved to Bolton a few years ago so it has pedigree with big events and the former IMUK Race Director, Richard Wallace, is directing this event.

  • Many thanks

    I know but it feels like I'm hijacking the Tri section at the moment lol

    Thats all I needed to know. Just got to wait and see how much its going to cost. I envisage it not being cheap. You never know I could win but problem I couldn't afford to get the Switzerland  anyway image

    Yeah I remember when I wasn't into my running the Ironman going on in Sherborne. I didn't realise it was the same chap doing the Powerman. So all in all it should be a decent event image

  • I very much doubt it will be cheap - P'man UK will have paid P'man for brand licence to use the name and they don't come cheap so the costs of that will need to be recouped, plus all the razz that goes with the name profile.

    have fun

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