Tough Guy 2003

This is my first post so please be gentle with replies....

Is anyone planning on taking part in Tough Guy in January 2003? I've done it twice before in 1999 and 2000 and can't wait to do it for the 3rd time. Anyone done it in the last couple of years and know of any changes that have been made to the course?


  • I haven't done this course but I take my hat off to all who has! I have seen the race on TV and wow you people are mad!
  • where do I get details? you used my middle name LK MAD
  • Check out the website for more details. It's run by a crazy guy called Mr Mouse who seems to take joy in making the course as hard as possible.

    It's held near Wolverhampton on the last Sunday of January. Next years event is on the 26th Jan 2003.

    Amazing atmosphere and incredible obstacle course make it a great event.
  • I'd love to do it, but am very 'height'ophobic, which has prevented me from entering in the past I understand that participants will cross high bridges etc. If so, does anyone know how high and how many of what type?
  • What the heck !! I've printed off the form, and I'm gonna go for it ! Mind over matter !
  • Nice one Multi

    your achievement will be even greater when you finish for overcoming yourself as well as those little obstacles thingies.
  • I've entered too, very foolish of me.

    ToughGuy - what tips can you give US !?
  • I've done the race for three years now. This will be my fourth winter TG.

    You are going to love it to bits. Last year was a bit easy as the temperature was very high at about 7C. The year before though was a nightmare as the temp was -3C. This really makes it a problem as Mr Mouse loves to keep you wet.

    If there was one tip I could offer it would be to do the run as fast as you can. This means you get onto the killing fields early and don't end up behind a load of people going over the obstacles. This means less hanging around and so less likelyhood of getting v cold. That said you will still manage to shake 90% of your celebratory cup of tea all over the floor.

    As to changes in the course, there are now large walls of hay that need to be climbed. It can be difficult but in line with true TG spirit everyone will help you get up and over.


  • Do women do it - or is it strictly 'no girls allowed' event?
  • It is very mixed. Not 50/50 but better than most road races I've done. The start is not just populated with scrawny looking blokes in vests. If you fancy a mad one I'd recommend it without doubt.

    You will never enjoy a jelly baby so much as when you come out of the Viet Cong tunnels! (You'll know what I mean when you've done it)


  • I'm very tempted. Whereabouts is it? I love being wet, muddy and bedraggled, must be something I missed out on in childhood. Only thing is, we'd need forum wetsuits to recognise each other by the sounds of it.

    Off to look at the site now.
  • Hi all, I have never done this but my hubby did it in 1991. It looked bad enough then and freezing cold. Mud everywhere but I beleive it has changed a lot - for the worse - much harder. Hubby even managed to break 2 fingers as he went over the cargo net and down the rope on the other side. Bit too dangerous for me.
  • Sounds like a great challenge, any one who fancies a challenge try the milatary challenge. No it's not as tough as TG, and you don't have to be mad or that fit.
  • Anyone got any tips on NOT breaking fingers ?
  • I've done the T G twice now but only the summer one( I know I'm a bit of a wimp )I did go along to watch the winter one once and there was ICE on the lake and there was hypothermia everywhere so thanks but no thanks.don't expect to much from the showers as they are a event all in them selves.
  • Got my confirmation of entry through today (damn !), together with some interesting photos, including some effing nutta doing it in just an 'athletic support' and woolly hat. Would someone mind explaining why several people are wearing marigolds?
  • You dont want to know. Just dont bend over.
  • just thank your lucky stars you don't have to carry a eight foot wooden cross or wear a kilt, look out for the electric fence
  • Any advice on clothing and/or footwear for the event?
  • It might sound silly but I'd say wear as little as possible... From my experience the best thing to go for is cycling shorts, a long sleeved thermal top and a t-shirt over the top of that. Some people turn up in tracksuit bottoms and big jackets thinking that they'll be nice and warm.....which they are for about 5 minutes until they get wet and then have to run for 3 more hours with their clothes dragging them back...

    Invest in some decent helly hansen thermals and you'll stay relatively warm.. gloves and a hat are nice for the start until you get wet when you either have to ditch them or put them in a bum bag...

    as for shoes... don't wear a new pair cos chances are you'll have to throw them away at the end... wear something old with a reasonable amount of grip... spikes are banned for safety reasons... some people wear special fell shoes or resole a pair of running shoes with fell grips... probably a good idea although when you've got a tonne of mud stuck to your legs they lose most of their benefit... make sure you lace your shoes very tightly and wrap the laces underneath the sole or you'll end up running the race barefooted.

    can't wait for january myself.... all that freezing water and mud.. it really has to be seen to be believed
  • If you do the winter T G you had best wear something along the line of running tights , not baggy as you don't want them filling up with water and you'll look like Nora Batty anyhow, you need long sleeve running top again nice and tight cos you are going in under the water at some time and a pair of X country trainners ,old ones pref as they are going to look pretty .......lets just say not nice after.also if you can have someone with warm clothes at the end and don't expect a hot shower although there are showers of a kind they would be better described as a sort of sheep dip,the first time I did it the showers spat steam at me and the second time it was easier to use the hose and just hose yourself down ,although the hose was cold it was more memorable as I was sharing it with two welsh women but thats another story
  • Sharing a shower with two women? Sounds interesting ....

    Whilst watching a programme on the marines training last night I thought doing an army assault course may be good training for the TG. Any comments?

    Still can't figure out why some people are wearing marigolds though?
  • marine trainning sounds a bit extream as the T G is as hard or as easy as you make it and only a fun event unless you want to be the first to cross the line.marigolds are to keep fingers from going numb for when you cross the ropes
  • I did it last year never again!! well maybe when the memory has faded. I fell off a rope and saw stars, the lad I went with ended up in A&E, but really its all good fun, beats mooching round the shops anyday. Wear old clothes to throw away at the end. You get changed in a big barn and theres noway you can be modest. I just stripped off as did everyone else, but years of XC running leaves you immune to embarresment. The running parts relatively easy, the rest is tough theres no doubt about. Good luck its a great feeling at the end.
  • someone acctualy died in 1999 so you have to sign a disclaimer before you can run (just incase you die and sue them )
  • Multi, don't worry too much: all of the many assault courses I've been on have revolved around using your fitness to overcome obstacles. They're not rocket science; there are no special techniques as such (for most obstacles). The courses are designed to test soldiers' physical fitness and common sense more than any specific techniques, with the possible exception of the really high walls that need more than one person to get people over them. But anyway, so long as you have a decent basic upper- and lower-body fitness standard, you don't have much to fear .. except of course if Mr. Mouse has the electrified ones working again!!
  • Thanks Psi.

    Not so sure if I should say thanks to Loz and Nibbs though.
  • Looks like we should hit the gym as well as run this winter ! I've got some old neoprene gloves which I wear in the bike - I might wear those to try and keep some of the water out. Don't fancy high wires with numb fingers !!

    (And er, exactly HOW high are those ropes ?)
  • It's not that bad or wasn't when I did it some years ago although there was ice on the water obstacles. I think some folks like to talk it up a little.

    Wet suit shorts worked well, don't wear too much that will just get heavy with water and mud, run fast and you will stay warm.

  • Multi go for it you'll have a great time.
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