How to get excited about training

Afternoon all

Don't shoot me for this, but the question says it all really. i'm interested in what motivates everyone to train. I tend to train sporadically for a while, then get bored. I only seem to be able to enjoy the races I do

I'm running my 4th HM at Tavistock on 24th March, so I have done HM distance

I need help, as I've entered for two marathons this year, so I need desperately to start enjoying the training, as I can't imagine I'd be able to run a marathon without training lol. I want to get round, and enjoy it, if that's possible!!!!


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Enter more races, perhaps?  10k, half mara, ten miles, twenty miles?  Anything at all, really.

  • Yes, what Wilkie says.

    Don't just have the marathons as your only purpose to train, enter various races in between, if it's races which keep you motivated.

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    Ok, who's got a gun?image
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    ST27 -- I enjoy running so I don't find "training" boring even when I don't have an event coming up... I guess that you could do what Wilkie says... Or perhaps try mixing things up a bit with your training... Try different routes, get a bus somewhere and run back, set yourself goals, run with a friend, join a running club, etc.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If you want to run a marathon then set yourself a goal time to do it in rather than just to get round. It will then give you something to focus on in your training.

    Do your local parkrun every couple of weeks to keep track of your progress.

    I also try to make every training session in the week different so I don't end up getting bored.
  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Get excited about the race and what you want to achieve. If you really are motivated towards this then the motivation for training should follow. It doesn't matter what the goal is - e.g "Get around a marathon course and enjoy it" could be your goal, or "break 3 hours". Training is needed to achieve these goals.

    If you are excited about running in crowds, then I suggest Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoonimage

  • If you train better, you run races better. Easy motivation surely?

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    ST27 -- Also, try keeping a training log so you can see how you progress and improve over time.
  • Thanks all. I'll have a go at all of those ideas. The training log, and entering more races make sense. When I do race, I am improving, I'm down from a 3.42.58 PB for HM to 2.17.07 in less than a year. I enjoy the running when I'm out. It's just motivating myself to GET out that's my problem. Essentially lazy I guess image

    I've not selected an easy first marathon. I'm doing The Giant's Head in June. Nothing like a difficult start!! Before that, I have at least two HM's and a seven mile hill and mud slog in Honiton on 14th April


  • I'm essentially lazy too, mate, but somehow find getting out running not too hard. One thing I do is to try to run at lunchtimes during the winter - you can't necessarily get that far, but it means you run in daylight. Of course, you need showers at work or a decent sports centre nearby that will let you simply use its showers...

  • I'm out this afternoon for a loop near home. Probably only five or six miles or so but I'm out. I have a HM next Sunday at Tavistock, which I'm looking forward to actually, even though there's hills!!!!!

    I'm lucky in the respect that i finish work at 3pm, so my runs are usually in daylight most of the time. Showers at work we don't have, but I end all my runs at home.  Being tired after a day at work has to be the worst excuse I use, but I use it a lot. I WILL change that mindset, starting TODAY.

  • Hi Steve, I found joining a running group has made a huge difference to my motivation and desire to train.  I'm guessing you are based in Devon, going by the races you have lined up.  There is bound to be a good, friendly club somewhere near you (although there are one or two to avoid apparently - mentioning no names!)image 

  • Have you got a parkrun near you?



    Free to enter, just register first and turn up with a barcode, and they're run every Saturday at 9am. Hey presto - you've got a race per week.

    And you can treat it as either a race in its own right, a tempo session, or (as some do) include it as a faster section on a longer run.




  • I'm in Barnstaple, North Devon

    There's one in Barnstaple Big_Bad_Bob. Just registered. Will run a week Saturday. I'm in work all day this Saturday from 7am. There's a running club in Barnstaple too. I'll have a look at them whenI get home from my run tonight!!!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Steve, every single training run helps create the next pb.

    And seeing those pbs continue to reduce is surely the single biggest factor in keeping you training consistently and racing.

    However, there's loads of ways to keep it fresh, different distances, routes, paces, times of day. In terms of races, there's loads of different races, different distances, different people to try and beat. You can combine with a trip somewhere, all sorts.

    As many different motivations as you want really.

  • ST27 - I've been running for over 20 years and can't ever imagine not training - it is part of me & I hate rest days! (I actually prefer training as races make me very nervous)

    Definitely worth keeping a log of your training & the following which most have suggested will add a bit of 'spice' to your training image

    Vary the length and intensity of your routes; vary the terrain you run on; Be adventurous - run a really scenic route and leave the watch at home; introduce running into your commute, lunchbreak or visit to family; Mix in some speedplay (fartlek) or faster bursts/pickups; Vary the time of day you train; Introduce some cross training; have a running break or holiday - doesnt have to be abroad, can be somewhere in UK e.g. Lake District, Dorset.

    I dont think there is anyway you can approach a marathon and be realisitc about completing it unless you get the training runs in...also races aren't really cheap these days - surely you want to get the best race result you can and run to your potential?

    I hope these ideas help (I'm speaking from experience here - I've suffered more than my share of motivational dips in the past) Enjoy and dont fear experimenting or adding variety to your training. image Good luck!

  • Sod it just do a marathon and then when you can walk again your appreciation of the need to train will be sky high.

  • Steve - I know a guy who is involved at Barnstaple funnily enough! He's marshaling this Saturday as he's got a race on Sunday. Not sure whether he'll be there next week, but will try to find out so either he or someone else down there can keep an eye out for you and say hello.


  • I'm just back. 5 miles in just under an hour. Too many stops. Onwards and upwards.
  • I've been asked to work Sat 23rd too, so 30th March park run it is
  • Make your home life so utterly dreadful that you can't wait to get out and run.


    Making your home dangerous by keeping wild animals inside it is a good start.

  • Does six snakes count? Got those already :O
  • Only if they're poisonous and you don't know where they are.

  • They're about as poisonous as I am....
  • Nicky - that's very true! ...My OH has been a complete pr*ck lately & I havent needed an excvuse to get out the door and go for a run. Nothing beats the freedom!

    ST27 - hope you can settle into a training routine soon. work does get in the way of life sometimes.

  • That's the plan. I'm just going to start a weekly plan and run with it, excuse the pun. Plan is to run Tavistock HM in under 3 hours and work up from there
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