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I don't know if anyone can help me out....


I have purchased my ASICS Gt-1000's in blue colour and I love them, feel great on my feet...I'm training for the London marathon and I'm chewing through trainers like there's no tomorrow, so I wanted to get another pair of GT-1000's but all the UK colours are really uninspiring.


I've seen some great US colours (graphite/apple green and bright yellow) but I can't seem to be able to order them at a reasonable price and I'm not too trusting of US stores online. Does anyone know of a dealer that imports from outside the UK or a reasonable US store that doesn't charge stupid money to send over here??


Anyone's help would be gratefully received...thanks!!


  • Not sure about Us retailers but how about trying to contact Asics uk and see if they can supply you some? Just a thought may not work but you never know.

  • Google 'running warehouse' as they are the biggest online in the states. 'Feet elite' and 'Hola sports' also good.

    I live in Houston, so haven't shipped back the to the UK, but good for buying within the us.

    Avoid 'academy sports', 'dicks sporting goods' or 'sports authority'. They are the 'Sports direct' equivalents.
  • I have bought US only versions of New Balance shoes from these chaps:


  • I've bought sports kit and shoes from US dealers via eBay loads of times. Big companies and private sellers both. Never had any problems and always been happy with the service.

  • roadrunner sports in CA are great,

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