I am currently in my marathon training for vienna which I am doing on April 14th. Last few runs I have been getting pain in the outside of my right knee. From research it seems to be itbs. Does not hurt day to day and is fine as long as I don't go above 6 miles. Otherwise it does give me issues. Like everyone else I don't want an injury to ruin months of work. Has anyone had success in managing this short term. Long term I will get to the bottom of it too.


  • I have had the same issues crop up in the last week so went to a physio  today and he worked my "very tight" legs with a great deep tissue/muscle massage so maybe get an appt booked for a couple of massage sessions.

    Look on the t'internet theres loads of videos on you tube for exercises to assist the IT band pains.


    Good luck with rest of training I know how you feel about being injured as I'm doing VLM in 5 week so its a real worry getting tweaks and injuries at this stage

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi there,

    I've been recommended lots of stretching exercises (look on youtube for video ideas and positions). My dr prescribed 3 days of iburofen and running in short loops (1 mile or so) so that if it starts hurting you can stop.

    Stretching and massage is really the way forward.

  • Foam roller
  • In the short term the things stated above seem to be the accepted practices but don't usually get to the root of the problem. From experience trying to find what is causing the tightness along the IT tract is key. This is usually more easily said than done. More often than not it is an issue with your lower limb e.g ankle and or foot or upper limb and lower back e.g TFL, glute medius/maximus. 

    Is this the first time you have run at this volume?

    Have you changed anything else with your lifestyle? for example have you started driving more or are you running before work instead of after?

    Sorry to not help a huge amount and put a spanner in the works but from someone that has suffered from IT issues several times on both legs it is really important to try to understand the what is causing it.

    Hope that the things mentioned above are helping too



  • Hi Movingo, I have exactly the same thing - ITB pain focusing on outside of knee. Marathon on 14th April. 6M ok before the pain hits. Be careful with foam rolling, I still think that triggered mine image but it could also have been hills, pace, longest runs I've ever covered... Who knows. I went straight to the physio when mine started after my 15M long run on 17th Feb. She used a metal instrument(?!) to gently massage where the ITB connects to the knee, and I've to carry on with that using a spoon. It does seem to ease it. Also, avoid hills - they hurt. And run off road as much as you can, I have found that helps massively. I can cycle and do pretty much everything in the gym, and I've been doing 2 spin classes a week to try to keep uo the fitness. It all helps. I can now run about 7 miles before it starts to really hurt, 6M pretty much pain free. I've entered a back-up Marathon in May, in case I cant get round Brighton... There is no point pushing it so hard that it makes the injury worse. There will alwasys be other marathons. Hope some of this helps, and Good luck with your training and your Marathon.
  • Loosen your hip flexors to provide immediate relief - look up the Thomas test on youtube.  Make sure your legs are parallel when doing it and be ready to do it for 3 - 4 mins per hip if you need it. 

    Long term - get a stronger core and better running form.  It sounds simple but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


    Good luck!

  • Appreciate all the advice. Physio booked, youtube streching videos watched and foam roller ordered. I'll get to the stronger core one day!
  • I had ITB caused by weak glutes.

    Foam roller did the trick and I was back out running after about a week off. 

    But I was very concious that I should strengthen the muscles to stop it from happening again.

  • Hi guys, I've been running for around 7/8 months and recently had a few niggles with IT band.

    I went to a physio yesterday and he told me I have weak glutes, which is why my IT band has been taking the strain, which the glute muscles should be taking care of.

    He has given me some strengthening exercises to do, along with using a foam roller, which I bought one of today.


  • Got the same problem. Haven't been able to run since 24th February when hip seized completely during 10k race. I had been experiencing a few niggles during te preceding week having increased my mileage marathin training. I had not been stratching or crosstraining but just running as I love that and the rest iis in my veiw a bit boring. I regret this approach so much now. If you have niggles my advice with the benfit of hindsight is don't ignore them, stretch and strengthen your core. My problem in also weak glutes. The difference between the strength of my left and right side is very marked now I am exercing these muscles to try and strengthen them. I think this is going to take a lot of time and persistence. I don't know if I will be able to run any time soon let alone the planned marathon in May. I am also considering a back up marathon but at this rate just a 5k would feel like an achevement.

  • I did a pretty painful 7 Miles this morning, so I've decided to stop running completely for a couple of weeks and cross train instead. I don't want to get into summer and not be able to run!
  • Wavering already....!
  • Ive had the same problem and would echo those recommending strengthening glutes and core. Mine i think was down to lazyness causing my pelvis to rock from side to side whilst running.

    Lots of squats and side lying leg raises should help strengthen the right places.

    In my experience (Im not a dr) the ITbands themselves heal quite quickly (when you can walk up and down stairs again without feeling them), so long as you improve the technique and strength you can get over it quite quickly - certainly more so than the 6 weeks often listed. (in my experience!!)

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