Bottom Pain!

Hi There I was wondering if anyone could help? On The 3rd of march I had a rowing race but unfortunately had to make up numbers in another boat too so ended up running 16km! The next tuesday I went for a 5 mile run with no problem however I got back and felt a slight twinge when I got up but nothing serious. The next day I tried running again it was ok for the first half but I had to walk home because it really hurt at the very bottom of my back top of bum to the right of the tail bone. Its also painful when i put trousers on that type of thing. I rested it until today and tried on the treadmill but couldnt and I have scheduled runs tomorrow tuesday and a half marathon next weekend!

Does anyone know what this could be or how to  cure it? Sorry for such a long answer.

Many Thanks


  • Piriformis ???

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I tried a Half Marathon with this injury after resting it for a week. Went ok for 5 miles when it decided to 'let go' completely.

    Ended up having a ride to the finish in the back of an ambulance.

    Took a month to sort out.

  • Piriformis links up with sciatica.  Serious sciatica will stop you walking 4 hundred yards, sitting still for 10 minutes, driving more than 100 miles or even sleeping without pain.

    I'd say don't run and go see a physio... I may be completely wrong, but that sounds familiar (if you are 28 it may be different to being 58).

    PS I now send the physio a Christmas card.

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