stinging calf pain.

Hi everyone hope we are all well,

For about 6 weeks now on and off i ve had a stinging pain in my right calf, which happened after running a fast 5k on the treadmill, however pain started the following day. During this time i continued to run on it, which at times had to stop due to tightness and singing pain however on another occasions for managsed to run 16mile on it which felt ok as was running and was only after i felt it. I am pritty new to running as only started last year and have a 2 half marathons and several shorter races losing 3 stone in process.

Unfortunately i had to pull out of my first ever 20miler last weekend due to this problem having tried my legs days earlier and had to stop after 400yards, This week i ve rested my legs as got another half marathon in 10 days time. had no pain when stretching or walkiing  and it felt great all week so i tried another 5k run on the treadmill yesterday and felt a twinge again wasnt as bad as been but stopped striaght away. HELP as i am also in training for my first ever full marathon at the end April so i am frustrated at the min.

I ve tried foam rolling my calf at the gym but it seems to hurt more after and appears to make it more swollen. 

Any advice please, thought about seeing a physico but heard they are expensive,


thanks for reading  




  • well done on the weight loss.... but you've done too much too soon and probably torn your calf.  Rest and ice for a week or two then start some gentle stretching on the calf before reintroducing some running.  But it really would be worth getting someone to look at it - find your local sports massage person and go for a 30 min session (cheaper than Physio).  You need to get this fixed or you won't be running round the corner let alone a marathon. 

    Good luck

  • Thanks for that, yeah i probably have done it to quickly prior to entering the marathon things was going really well up until that point, possible too well. but looking back i have, Its waird because feel like my body is tricking me receantly due feeling ok prior to running. Didnt realise they was that option about sport shops will difo look into it.

    thanks again. 

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