Great Edinburgh Run 2013

CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

Got an email yesterday to say the Great Edinburgh Run is open for entries. Double disappointment in that it's the same course as last year (big uphills, not very exciting) and it's moved from October to July.

I know the course last year was designed to accommodated the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] tramworks, which still ongoing, but it's still a shame they could vary it a bit. Not that keen on July either.

May well give it a miss, although will run with son in the mini run probably.


  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Ditto, I was looking forward to the original course again and in October!! Understood the reasoning behind the route changes but loved running through the Gardens and was uninspired by the course last year. Coupled with the fact I'll just be back from my hols I wont be doing it either....

  • I've never done the original course as I did it for the first time last year, but I really thought that the section around Arthur's Seat was far too narrow and too congested and I think that bit accounted for my slower time.  That said, my friend who was further back said he had no problems with congestion, so maybe I was just unlucky...

    The course was a bit dull with two out and back sections, so I was hoping that it would be  different this year, and I'm not that happy about July either,  but despite all that, we're both still planning on doing it again.  That was my first Bupa run and I thought that the start/finish area was really good and the goody bag was much better than those of the Women's 10k and Great Scottish Run.

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    I got on ok with the congestation by being put into a zone scarily close to the front! It did give me a good push though and I was delighted with my time. That said, I don't know that I fancy doing it again. I might look at the 5k though. If nothing else, the Great Run series do provide me with a good stock of T-shirts!

  • Personally I was rather pleased to see the July date. I missed it last year due to it clashing with another event and now, at last, I have something in my calendar between the end of May and the beginning of October. (Yes, it might be rather warm, but it's not like we all stop running for the Scottish summer!)

    Not so sure about the course, compared with 2011 - certainly looks like it will have its challenges, while out and back sections are never the most interesting. The Edinburgh Rock 'n' Roll Half last week used most of the 2011 Great Edinburgh Run route, so I was wondering whether it is as much to do with accommodating a 5k event too?

    Anyway, I just entered, so barring injury, I'll be there.

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    I'm happy with the time of year, but I'm really not a big fan of the course.  2011 was my first 10k and I'd entered for 2012 looking forward to a fun course and a chance to beat my time, only to be underwhelmed by the changes.  Agree with Ultraviolet and the congestion as well - not a great road to have an out-and-back section.  

    Despite having nothing in the diary now until the Great Scottish Run, I'm not sure yet if I fancy this.  I've had a look on the website but couldn't see anything - does anyone know when entries close?

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