Werther's Originals.

We've had a thread on the pros & cons of old people, so now here's a thread about the pros & cons of their sweets of choice.

Pros: They taste good and last ages in your mouth.

Cons: They cost too much and I have to find a bin to put the wrapper in.



  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Cons: They make your teeth sticky

    Pros: You can often find an old person to give you a sweet when you can't afford to  buy your own

  • pros: they are great

    cons: accusations of child molestation.

  • Pros: I can still remember them


    Cons: I can still remember them

  • "I can still remember the first sweets given to me by my Grandfather......"


    Really, honestly? This advert is in 1997. No-one in the UK had heard of Werthers Original until very recently. You look about 70 years old. Would this have been during the 1930s? You were eating German sweets in the 1930s? Hang on Grandad, are you German? What did your father do in the war? Who was your grandfather?

  • Are there any Werther's new style?

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Not too keen on them, never was. My grandparents always bought them for me when I was younger. And the tv ad was annoying too.
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    Top tip (from an old fart) for Wethers Original:-

    Crush a bag of them in a pestle & mortar, then tip into a bottle of vodka. Shake frequently 'til all the bits have dissolved - a few days, could be a week or more. Serve cold.


  • Cons to the above: the headache the next day

  • M&S butterscotch sweets, on the till, cheaper, taste even better and come in a small box with no individual wrappers, all pro no con.

  • Must admit that I prefer Opal Fruit, an I am refusing to call them Starbursts. image

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