So there are a few of us Pirates using TrainerRoad. Share your career and what you've been working on.

For those not in the know, TrainerRoad is similar to Computrainer in that can provide power feedback. You'll need a turbo, speed & cadence sensor and an Ant+ stick.

Cat5's career

SgtLard's career

Richardsrr's career

DK has a career too but I'll wait until he publicly declares it.



  • think I need a handbook that tells me what everything means before I start using it!

  • Cat5's career

    SgtLard's career

    Richardsrr's career

    Doners career


    its simple MC - especially if you have your bike set up already


  • Doesnt look like my turbo is compatible, although most other Elite Supercrono ones are! Annoying as it supposedly has a "power" reading on the head unit though I dontthink it is very accurate, but at least its trying to measure power.

    Is compatibility just needed for power training? Can you do HR training on any turbo presumably?


  • Which elite do you use Gladys? I have the supercrono power fluid, which is on the trainerroad list.
  • some are listed under the american name - if you search the forums you might find that someone else has asked the same question. mine was one of them too


  • and make sure you scroll through the list properly - theres beta and release versions


  • Mine is the Elite supercrono Digital Mag.

    This one;

    Maybe the settings for Elite Mag 1-5 might work? Good excuse to buy a new laptop as well! image

  • You can use any turbo:

    Choose one that is similar in style ( ie if yours is a mag, find a similar mag unit)

    Setup and do the test. Your test results are your capability ( if you test right)- if the system says you scored an FTP based on your best effort on your device, you can use that to set your zones for training on your device.

    Use the test output to train. You can't use the power results etc on any other device, they are only relevant to your context. But you can use them in that context as changing the turbo won't make you stronger on its own- only training can do that.

    If you change your turbo or get a power meter (etc) you have to retest on that device and use those new results on that device only

  • Gladys, they have elite crono mag 1 to 5, not sure how it would work, worth a shot.
  • i think the turbo Gladys has is the equivalent to the Buffalo CB943 or some adaptation of itimage


  • Funny Doner. You're a funny boy. And yes I did have to! image

    So I need an ANT+ stick. Which I could solve by upgrading to a Garmin 910XT.

    Just need a new laptop now! image

  • i knew you would image

  • I may have to sign up to this when I get back at the end of the week, adn have some money image

  • Cheer up!

    Ericsson tonight. Less impact than a proper interval session but still some training stimulus.

  • Wow, taken a bit of a break off the fitness program due to issues (torn hamstring, sickness and the squirts etc) and just jumped back on the turbo for the 1st time in a few weeks. Ouch, tried a20 min FTP test. It wasnt pretty, suffered on the 1 st 5 min clearing effort, then failed 2-3min into the 20 min test. WTF has happened? Legs got really heavy, really quickly. Obviously LA build up, but does the body really forget how to deal with it so quickly if you take a break from training?

    I cant upload my effort to trainer road as yet cos my wireless is playing up on the computer in the shed, but will post it as soon as i can so you can have a gander.

  • I'm guessing it's this:

    Richardsdrr wrote (see)

    torn hamstring, sickness and the squirts etc

    Maybe I'd have eased back in to it, not gone straight for a power test. You're perfect pirate material thoughimage

    Sufferfest's Fight Club tonight. Was hoping to get out on the road at the weekend, but it's looking like perfect weather for Blender image

  • After two hard run days, Geiger tonight.

    National day of Sufferlandria this weekend! image

  • So... a new laptop and a £300 ANT+ stick later (it did come with a free 910xt! image) I am nearly ready! Will trial the connection between the laptop and the Garmin sensor tomorrow hopefully and then look to sign up (is there a trial?) at some point this weekend. Looking forward to seeing my power!!!


  • Gladys M. wrote (see)

    So... a new laptop and a £300 ANT+ stick later (it did come with a free 910xt! image) I am nearly ready! Will trial the connection between the laptop and the Garmin sensor tomorrow hopefully and then look to sign up (is there a trial?) at some point this weekend. Looking forward to seeing my power!!!


    Sounds like you bought your Ant+ stick from the same people I get my Haribo fromimage

    30 day free trial, then they take your money. You can pause your membership at any point.


  • and its even better now - you can send power data to your head unit - very nice if you use software like garmin connect


  • So I had my first ride yesterday, tried an 8 minute test, but only had time for the first one.

    "Career" is here;

    I was a little tired for the test (long run day before) so hope I can do better on FTP soon but clearly I have a long way to go. Losing 7/8 kg wouldnt go amiss either...

  • Good start Gladys.

    You should be well rested before doing the FTP test. Some say a complete day of nothing beforehand.

    Looking forward to testing the TRelay DK. image

  • Works a treat cat, plus some nice other tweeks if you haven't been using the beta ver.
  • Finally managed to complete Half Dome tonight. I normally miss out every second interval.

    I've set 6 new power PBs in the last 3 rides so definitely getting stronger, and bodes well for Sunday's European champs. It may just make up for my lack of running recently. Once I'm recovered it'll be time for another oft-hated power test.

  • I've set up a team on Trainerroad if anyone is interested.

    Not exactly sure what this all means - I guess its a bit like Strava but without going anywhere.

    If you're on TR - then feel free to join up.
  • Hoping to get a Garmin later in the month... presume that is all I need to get going on TR?

  • You don't need the garmin head unit.

    Just a compatible turbo,

    an ANT+ speed sensor,

    an ANT+ stick

    and a computer.
  • but if I get a Garmin, I would have all this wouldnt i?

  • You'd not have the ANT+ stick that reads your speed sensor ?
  • ah, seems I have no clue! I think I will spend now and worry about getting it all to work later! Cheers Cougie

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