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I'm very much a beginner runner. I've been training for about 6 months now for a couple of marathons this year. My long runs are about 25k @ 6:45-7 min/km and runs of 10k-15k are generally around 6-6:30 min/km so I am not quick. My training was a bit disrupted for a couple of weeks and I've actually struggled a bit to get back into it so was thinking it might be an idea to join a running club for a bit of motivation.

The problem is I'm not much of a runner and I am totally intimidated by the clubs I've seen around Gloucester so far. They all seem to be aimed at the tiny skinny people who run like the wind. I was wondering if anyone knows of any friendly clubs in Gloucester where I won't feel like a huge, lumbering, fat, unfit waste of oxygen. I don't have a car so I'm pretty tied to the immediate Gloucester area.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.




  • Hi Dean, I am in Gloucestershire (Chipping Campden) and am also looking for a similar running club / running partner. Gloucs is a bit far for me to drive to regularly, but if you ever want to meet half way and go for a nice slow run then let me know. Are you doing the Forest of Dean half-marathon next week? I am looking forward to it!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Not from Gloucester but you might want to check if the running shops in your area do weekly runs as well, like Moti or something. They're usually free.

  • I'm not doing the half-marathon. I didn't even know it was going on. I haven't really been down here too long so i haven't really looked at any events yet.

    It might be good to meet up for a run sometime. I don't really know the area at all so I'd be in your hands with regards to where!


    Good luck with the half marathon. Just remember to start slowly! You can always go quicker later if you feel ok.

  • All clubs I've belonged too (Forest of Dean and Chepstow have been welcoming to a wide range of abilities. The people I've met at races from Severn AC and Gloucs AC have been very friendly. Go along and give a training night a try. I'm sure they'll be a wide range of abilities and the coaches would be very welcoming!

  • Hi Dean,


    Did you find a running club? I am based in Abbeydale and looking for some motivation if you ever want company?



  • How did you get on? I'm looking, I'm in Abbeydale too. Training for my first half marathon in March at the moment

  • Hello

    I am also looking for a Gloucester running club.

    Just returning from having major surgery on my leg, still slow miles (11-12 mins!!!) and walk breaks but slow miles are better than no miles!

    I am Hucclecote based, really looking for a club that caters for a beginner.



  • Hi Monday nights at saintbridge rugby club 3 of us go out for runs, also go out on Thursdays when real life allows, feel free to message me more more info.

  • Hi All. I am a committee member for 'Almost Athletes.' We are a Cheltenham based running club but have members coming from all over. I actually live in Tuffley. This thread was created over a year ago so not sure if you are still looking.

    We car share with other members over to Cheltenham on a wedneday so i'm sure we could work something out. Almost athletes is a very inclusive, friendly club with lots of different speed groups catering for all abilities. Check out the web site.

    Any ladies in Gloucester who don't want to come over to Cheltenham i would recommend 'Abbey stars' who meet on a tuesday at Abbeydale community centre at 7pm. Abbeystars have a facebook page and i can give you the phone number of the leader if you are interested. This is a ladies only running group as is 'Angels' who meet on a wednesday at plock court.

    I don't check out this forum too regularly so email me if you want further details


  • Hi, i run a small club in Hardwicke near Quedgley. Its a 5k route only (3 to choose from) meeting on a wednesday evening at 630. we also meet on a friday with 5 or 7 mile options.
  • Hi. Also glos based. Looking for some motivation.
  • Hi Shaun, its wednesday which is our club night, come along and join in. meeting point is the pilot inn, hardwicke. set off at 6:30

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