How long does Carb Gel take mouth to muscle & solid food like flapjack etc?

How long does Carb Gel take  mouth to muscle & solid food like flapjack etc when doing a long sunday run of say 20 miles.


  • Why don't you try it whilst training ?
  • Gel - they usually say 20 mins, but I saw a poster saying 30 yesterday. #

    So flapjack longer than that. How much flapjack are you planning on ? Its not usualy as easy on the tum as gels.
  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I sometimes have a flapjack an hour or so before going out on my long run. But that's mainly just because I like flapjacks, and by the time I've finished running 20 miles I'm probably going to be quite hungry anyway.

  • Eat real food before you run... fruit and fibre.

    After that it's too late, eat sugar.  Lucozade tabs do it for me.

    Hydration is the issue.  Drink, drink, drink...

  • Isn't that how the personal trainer died in the London marathon ? He over drank ? There's really no need to drink drink drink.
  • Don't be silly.

  • I guess that was probably the last advice he heard - it was a hot marathon and all of the news presenters and weather people were reminding runners to drink. Shows how much they knew.
  • Chemicals + drink = the unknown

    Food + drink = health, if not marathon wins!

  • Everything is chemicals. Even food. If you're going to dismiss my comments at least back up your drink drink drink mantra.
  • There's no need to run marathon's really.

  • Add up the number of peolpe you've seen floped out on the marathon's you've run with dehydration and the ones reported in the local papers with heart attacks (as resul tof stress/dehydration) and weigh it against one high profile case. 

  • So floped with dehydration against heart attacks caused by dehydration ?

    You do talk an amazing amount of bollocks
  • The answer to this is what is always has been, do the training.

    Don't buy a puppy for Christmas.

    Clunk click every trip.


    If you are a twat sometimes you die, that is the message that seems to have been forgotten in our cotton wool society.

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    So floped with dehydration against heart attacks caused by dehydration ?

    You do talk an amazing amount of bollocks


  • DTC(E)T.

    Did the alarm go off on your wrist watch. 

  • Has someone broken out the beer early tonight ?
  • Sorry, but there is a world of real people out there who do not think that "everything is chemical man".  You know RW world. Runners arn't all like you!

  • 20 - 30 mins for gels. Different sugars absorb at different rates, so really depends of the sugars used in the gel.

    Re water, no drink, drink, drink for me. I am more at risk of hyponatremia than dehydration.

    Marathon talk did some shows on hydration. No drink, drink, drink recommendation
  • Which I guess is the reason that DTES doesn't think all runners are retards that need his guidance.  But I don't understand why the trolling basket is stalking me.

  • You're making no sense Canute.

    Dave isn't stalking you - he's already posted on the thread.

    Maybe you're stalking him ?
  • No Cougie, sorry, he pops up all the time... very limited.

  • some threads on this website are becoming very bizarre.

    Anyway drink in moderation and gels about 20 minutes to kick in. Personally I cant chew when running so flap jacks arent an option.

    lots of weirdos about at the mo on here!

  • I wouldn't touch gels. Whn I was young and knaive i took em, and threw up.  Who needs that many calories/carbs and even if you did, how is your body going to break em down.  Better off with sugar cubes.

  • PAC76 it's called bullying, work it out yourself.

  • Interesting .... Checking back all I suggested was what ever you are thinking of using, try it out whilst you are training..

    That way you can see if flapjack, gels, chemicals, foam bananas or even pork pies work for you
  • I've just done the Rome marathon today, normally I use gels but didn't bring any, thought I'd buy some at the expo, but they wanted ??2-3 each for a gel?! So I thought they could go stuff 'em selves!

    Bought the cheapest jelly sweets I could find, ate one every mile (never done this before, I don't try things out in training, don't take extra energy in training) and I was literally buzzing with energy, shame my legs were knackered!

    So I don't know, I don't know how long gels take to digest or sweets, but I'll never waste my money on gels again.
  • Well done Lardy. I'll take your advice on this one. Have a cracking recovery evening.
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