Off-road marathons

I really want to run a marathon at some point in the next year or two, but I really dislike road-running. Can anyone suggest some trail / off-road marathons? Am open to options - either UK or abroad.
I'm doing the Forest of Dean half next week, which I'm really looking forward to, so this will give me a better idea of time and I'll also see how it compares to a road half  (I did one a few years ago in 1hr 52mins). 
Thanks in advance!


  • Beachy Head

    Awesome  image

  • Bolton Hill, did it last week-fantastic. Or, equally fab Hardmoors 26.2 trail series. Did Osmotherely on about a month ago-tough as hell but awesome.

  • South Downs Marathon 8th June and Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon 22nd December.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    The coastal series.


    Giants Head or whatever it becomes.

    South Downs.

    Steyning Stinger.

    Three Forts.

    Eden - multi terrain, ie some road.


  • brilliant, thanks everyone! Will look them up and make a decision...

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Lake Coniston - 07/07

  • The Imerys Clay County Marathon & Half Marathon are on the 19th May, St. Austell, Cornwall. They were new races introduced last year I think. I've signed up for the Half. I didn't take part last year, but they are quite tough I believe and take you through the china clay works, so it'll be like running through a lunar landscape with some spectacular views. Both courses are a single loop - check out St. Austell Running Club website.
  • Oh..and the Endurance Life Coastal Marathons may be worth checking out.
  • Try the Tronium marathons in Surrey - the Picnic or Greensand - ball-breaking hard....

    Beachy Head's also top-notch as is White Peak in Derbyshire....

    Some of the iconic and absolutely brilliant Snowdonia Marathon's also off road mate..

  • Im doing the Jurassic Coast Challenge this weekend so I shall let you know what it's like.. Its 3 marathons (actually a little over), 3 days but you can choose to just do one day..

  • If you fance a trip up to Yorkshire in September then the Yorkshireman marathon is a top event, really well organised with great stew at the end an a decent t-shirt, what more could you want, other than a good pub?





    Oh yes, there's those too image

  • thanks everyone!

    Alfa_Scud - the Yorkshire one sounds good, a stew at the end should help my motivation!

    Red Williams - I've heard the Snowdonia one has great scenery, I've climbed Snowdon before and the views were shrouded in mist so it'll be nice to visit again!

  • Hi Canary, I'm doing my very first marathon in September: the Purbeck Marathon. I'm not sure how wise a choice for a first marathon it is but it looks like a beautiful course. I'm just like you in that I try to run predominantly off road. My knees don't take kindly to too much pounding of tarmac.

    I am of course, also doing Forest of Dean, as you will have seen from your thread on that!

  • I've long fancied a crack at the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series as well. If Purbeck goes well, I might have a go at the Devon one in February 2014.

  • Fancy visiting Switzerland? We have a lot of Alpine and trail races...with amazing views!!!


    Here a couple of links for you to check out:

    Zermatt (I have run the 2nd half last year and am doing it again this year, fantastic!)

    Davos Swissalpine (did K30 last year and doing C42 this year):

    Eiger Trail:

    Mountain Man:

    ...and you can find other Swiss races at Let me know if you want more infos image

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