running pace

Hi' i am trying to run a sub 40 10k. I can run 6.20 pace for 2 miles then fall to about  7 min miles. how do i learn to maintain the 6.20s?



  • Interval training is the best way of improving, preferably using hills. Never fun but only real way.
  • What's your PB at the moment ?

    Plenty of base miles and speedwork should do it.

    If you haven't any base - speedwork is a good way to get injured though.
  • MY pb is 42.02 my base mileage is 22 miles a week.

  • I'd say you're pretty close actually. I think you'd benefit from a long, easy paced, conversational run every week.....perhaps work up to 12 miles or 90 mins.

    Also I'd work towards 4-5 miles of race pace intervals. I used to do 8-10 x 800m with 90 sec rest and slowly start reducing the recovery time as race time nears. One week from the race I always do a 4 mile constant race pace time trial (its usually a good indication of where I'm at).

    Many swear by tempo runs too. Say 20 mins of 10K race pace + say 15 seconds a mile. So around 6:39 pace for 20 mins might be a great workout for you.

  • Thankyou everbody for the advice.I think i'll give 800s a go never done them before.


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