Hadleigh 10

Seems to be very few races near me on this weekend and this is quite a trip from Cambs. So, is it worth it?


  • The best around. My PB till this year (last mile is long though)
  • Cheers, chaps (sorry - just spotted the replies). Think I'll do it. Anyone else got a view on the race?

    JD - long distance-wise or psychologically?
  • Just checked - it has an SEAA certificate, so if the last one's long, one of the others must be short!

    Anyway, what's it like?
  • Long distance wise. Def more than a mile.

    Long climb at mile 8 otherwise undulating
  • The last mile is a return along where the first mile is....and then some. I found miles 5, 6, 7 and 8 were each about 10 secs short last year.
  • Hi did anyone else do this in the end? I did a pb & won FV40 apparently ( had left by then ) so well pleased. A lovely day & an excellent course.How did everyone else do?
  • Yay Blott's Mate! Fantastic stuff!

    Decided not to, in the end. Concentrating on the Nene Valley 10 next week. Sounds like I missed a good one. Maybe next year!
  • Nene valley 10's a fast one isn't it. Good luck!
  • Ta, Blott's mate. Yep, it's a fast one, apparently - not done it before. Other clubmates anticipating a crack at PBs too.
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