Is there a appliance that will tell me my required interval pace?

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I currently use Runkeeper (on my Android phone) which I really like, but there is one facility I can't get it to do. I can design my own interval programme, with sections split by time or distance, but I can only set the pace for the intervals as fast, medium or slow.

What I would really like is something where I can set precise paces, and the app would tell me what pace each interval should be run at, at the start of each interval. In an ideal world, I would also like a breakdown of paces for each interval once I got home (at the moment, I have to work it out from the pace profile report).

Is there an app that can do this?



  • I use ismoothrun on the iphone, but I dont know if they have an android version. That allows you to set up by exact pace.

    I can then export to runkeeper after I have finished.

  • My garmin appliance does all this image
  • I though app was short for application?

  • Yes, it is: I am either developing presenile dementia, or possibly becoming a high court judge, or it was an auto-correct error. I noticed it immediately it was posted, but I can't work out how to change the thread title (I suspect it needs a request in triplicate to RW towers).

    Incidentally, I have noticed that the iPhone version of Runkeeper does most of this, so I either need to upgrade my phone, or buy a Garmin. Or stop worrying about it. TBH, every so often I develop Garmin envy for a day or two, and then remember that the most important gadget is your body. And anyway, on my LSR with second half at marathon pace, I passed the time doing mental arithmetic every mile to work out at what time I had to get to the next mile. Passed the time.

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