The 3000 Mile Men

I stumbled over this on youtube today - well worth watching.





  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭
    I watched that last week, pretty good for a YouTube video - the music annoyed me for some reason!

    Also found this one about Badwater - very entertaining!

  • I found the 3000 mile men from the chasing the sun video image. For sime reason I liked the souind track imageimage. I guess what I enjoyed most about the film was its low key nature - no human interest angle... no super elite  - just a couple of guys running across America (as you do)

  • Just watched the 'Running on the Sun' video after it being mentioned in this thread.  It gave me that weird feeling.  Last time I had that feeling was after watching 'Walking the West' a few years ago;


    It resulted in me and my wife hiking the 2668 miles from Mexico to Canada last year!  Please be careful posting inspirational videos like that up, it can cause people to do silly things! image

  •  Great vid of two good guys just getting out there and enjoying the run, this is what ultra running is all about.  Well done Finnil and Pope!

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