Im wondering if anyone can help me with their expertise. I have been trying to run on a regular basis for about a year now. I start off well and dont push myself to hard but its always the same, after about a month I end up getting ill some virus or chest infection of some kind. Its really frustrating as I end up not doing anything for about 2 to 3 weeks before I start the process again. I was able to build up to running a 10k last year but after this i got ill again. 

I have very little idea of nutrition and am not sure if im getting ill often because im not eating the right things. Ive read that i should be snacking on nuts but i cant do this as i have an allergy. 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestion please? Im really keen to develop my running and i love it when Im able to do it consistentley as it helps me with stress etc. Currently feel like its a cycle that i cant break so any help would be greatfully appreciated,


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