Overstrained with 5 weeks to race day.

Hey everyone! I'm currently in training for the Llanelli marathon on 21st April but I think I've overdone it a bit on the training. It's my first marathon so I think I went in a bit too hard, now I'm paying the price with shin splints and just generally feeling exhausted. The longest run I've done is 20 miles and I'm aiming to do the marathon in 3:30 or so. I know I need to reduce my training but I don't want to lose fitness. Does anyone have any tips on how to recover whilst still getting to the start line with a good chance of meeting my time goal? Thanks guys! image


  • That should say over-trained, but overstrained sounds right too haha.
  • You have done all the hard work already so it is just a matter of keeping ticking over for a couple of weeks to allow you to recover. Cross train on the bike or swim a little, maybe even walk the length of the pool a few times rather than swim.

    get a good sports masage.

    Dont fret too much

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  • Hi same thing happened to me exactly 5 weeks prior to last years Rotterdam marathon.

    I didnt run a step for next two weeks while I waited for an MRI . Once I got all clear and following physio managed to work back up to a 16 mile run and a 35 mile week but ran very little in the 5 weeks.

    Still ran my third best time only 3 minutes off my best .....so as said aove , try not to worry too much, go easy in next couple of weeks as all hard work should already be in the legs by now and you wont lose too much.

    Just adjust your goals and be flexible on th eday depending on how you feel .

    Best of luck !




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