Achilles tendonitis

My right achilles went about 3 weeks ago and I have been referred to a physio, who I am seeing once a week. She told me to try a little running (2 mins run, 2 mins walk, up to 10 mins max, followed by 5 mins run, 5 mins walk) but the achilles still hurts.

I have to do quite a bit of driving, which I cannot get out of, and which only seems to aggravate things. Doc has prescribed ibuprofen.

Since this injury happened, I have tried a pilates/yoga, body pump and a little cycling, but all just seem to result in pain the following day.

Last year I broke a bone in my other foot and 7 weeks sitting still drove me crazy. I am desperate to find some kind of cardio I am able to do, but equally dont' want to prolong the period of injury. 

This is the first time I have had achilles problems. Can someone give me some advice please?


  • Just been reading old posts by people who have suffered and saw how long they were off exercise. eeeek!


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    there's a bit of a difference between tendonitis and it "going".  I had a prolonged episode of AT but with good advice from a runner physio I was able to train effectively throughout. I used a frozen paper cup of water to ice the area every day, and did heel raisis on the stairs 3 times a day.  I don't know how severe yours is, but if you can't drive it sounds bad, perhaps you should stop running altogether until you are able to drive without pain?

    How does it feel if you pinch the bottom of the tendon above the heel?


  • Just done the pinching and it feels fine. Sometimes it aches. I am trying not to take painkillers too often. Icing every evening. I can drive, but it aches afterwards. Sadly its the right one, so no advantage to borrowing the automatic off my husband either! 

    Its no longer swollen, but every time I try to run / do a class it hurts like hell. Last week physio actually said it looked worse than before, but she did some ultrasound on it which seemed OK.

    I am really not one for sitting about and feel a bit like a goose being fattened up for Christmas. 


  • I think sitting around is your only option. I had similar problems before a marathon, ran the race and it's the worst pain I've ever experienced, especially after. It took me a week to be able to walk on it again and over a month with no exercise other than walking and light stretching before I was able to start jogging. Ibuprofen should help, but as Mr Puffy points out - if it's torn then that's quite different from if it is tendonitis. 

  • I'd recommend swimming, non impact on the AT and the cool water will help treat your calf. When resting in the pool lie back and stretch the calf.

    Your injury sounds more serious than when I had issues with it but a week rest with swimming only helped me a lot.

    No magic formula just need to rest & be careful, you really don't want that to pop. My fiancee injured hers playing badminton leaving her out of running for 8 months and personally I'd rather be shot than that happening to me.
  • Hi, 

    You have to load your tendon.  THis means a weight bearing exerise strengh programme,  It is important to cut your running out at this point as you will be overloading and it will fail again.

    It you still want to run the best way is to run the physio has told you do so, then do the strenght session the next day and then have a day off.  Repeat this three day cycle.

    If you want more specific advice please see my website below and please feel free to email me and i will help as much as i can

    Good luck



  • Thankyou all so much. I have been referred to a podiatrist and have to have inserts for my shoes and some other ones for sports shoes. Apparently I don't walk in a level way, which has contributed to this. I am going to try aquajogging on Monday, so hoping that will be a big help.

    Never realised something so comparatively small could be such a hindrance. Its a royal pain as all the running events round us take place on successive weekends in April, and now I'm going to miss the lot.

    Thankyou all for your help. I will def try the extra exercises.

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