trail running in Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire/Cambridgeshire

Bit specific this question, but I'm starting to get into trail running and am looking for routes around Beds/Bucks/Cambs. Any ideas for good off-road runs?


  • Thanks cowgirl image  I'm thinking 10K upto half. I'll check out the Greensand Ridge and might give the LBT a try.


  • The Ridgeway?  Starts at Ivinghoe ...  goes on for miles !!

  • Thanks for that tip. I know the Ridgeway a little bit image

  • I'm in the same position so glad I found this thread. Had already considered the Greensand Ridge Walk; not got round to it yet. Is the Ridgeway something different?

    The race you're referring to is the Dirt Half Challenge. It was announced today that it's going to be on 16 November this year. I think I'll be giving it a go as it's very local to me.

    Would be interested/grateful for any other recommendations than GSW. Thanks.
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