Interval training timer/Mapmyrun


I am fairly new to running, and and about to do wk 4 with JogScotland. I love MapMyRun for recording my runs, times and pace.

However, I am experiencing one problem. As I am following an interval programme, (walk/run) I am looking for a phone app which will beep when I am supposed to walk, then run etc which will run alongside MapMyRun (or is it possible to do it on MMR- I have not figured that out).

I downloaded HIIT to my phone which works great, but it could not run at the same time as MMR.

So, in short, I am looking for an app which will beep for intervals, record my pace, time and route etc. I hate to run with something in my hand, and strap my phone to my arm, hence the need for an app which will solve that. Or would I be better buying a wrist monitor of some kind?

Any suggestions welcome, thanks.



  • Hi all 

    Ive got the same probs as Gillian, any help would begreatly appreciated, currently using MMR for 10k runs and it will tell me time at each 1km and av pace, but I'd like to try doing 800m x 3min rests but not really sure how I set this on the app


    Cheers Garry

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