Mapmyrun/Interval training apps


I am fairly new to running, and and about to do wk 4 with JogScotland. I love MapMyRun for recording my runs, times and pace.

However, I am experiencing one problem. As I am following an interval programme, (walk/run) I am looking for a phone app which will beep when I am supposed to walk, then run etc which will run alongside MapMyRun (or is it possible to do it on MMR- I have not figured that out).

I downloaded HIIT to my phone which works great, but it could not run at the same time as MMR.

So, in short, I am looking for an app which will beep for intervals, record my pace, time and route etc. I hate to run with something in my hand, and strap my phone to my arm, hence the need for an app which will solve that. Or would I be better buying a wrist monitor of some kind?

Any suggestions welcome, thanks.



  • If you don't want to spend monely on a GPS unit try downolading runkeeper app - you can program interval sessions there, albeit the viariety is lightly limited. It's free I think

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