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This is looking like it could be a great Summer as after it must be two years of suffering from PF and a Calf injury the last couple of weeks I have been managing to get out again for s few short runs.Unless you have been there you really cannot appreciate how great it feels.

To enable me to do it I have been supporting my calf with a support and now Summer is arriving rather than wearing the trackies I have been wearing I will be wearing shorts.

But rather than doing that I was wondering whether after all these years if someone has invented an alternative long leg trouser that keeps you cool enough to wear in the Summer.

Cannot say  that I am aware of anything but do you know different.


  • no idea but have you thought about running in calf guards or compression socks.......they could support the lower half and with shorts on you wouldn't get too hot....

  • Thanks seren nos its funny that you should ask that because would you believe that having just discovered calf guards ( I know I can be on the slow side at times ) I have just ordered some and that is one of the reasons I have asked the question.

    Mind you if there is no alternative to shorts then blow it as long as they are easing my calf problems then I shall wear them and blow what I look like.

    Who is looking at me anyway.

  • exactly ted.......

     I train for me not for anyone else.........image

  • kk definitely not Budgie smugglers as I would look gross.Oh tobe young and lithe again.

  • RSPB
  • in my case
  • I have to spend extra on parrot-smugglers. image  Oh, the expense.

  • ron hill tracksters?

  • Thanks Marc. S I was thinking about them but I wonder if they will be too thick to wear in the Summer.

  • Alternative to shorts? Run free, run wild!

  • Ted Edwards wrote (see)

    Thanks Marc. S I was thinking about them but I wonder if they will be too thick to wear in the Summer.

    nope, they are pretty breezy tbh, i mean, if its really hot they might be a tad warm, but if you keep your upper body cool enough with a vest they will be fine i think, they are certainly a lot thinner than tracksuit bottoms, 

  • Thanks once again Marc

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