Chi Running

Yes Yes I know this has been discussed before over and over again but looking through the threads it seems the last time was in 2012 so lets talk about it again please.

Like many of us who have suffered long enduring injuries now that after a couple of years I have been able to run recently although not far I amlooking for something that we prevent me getting as badly injured again.

Having been aware of Chi Running for some years now I went onto Youtube and found out the basic principles and so last night I went out and gave it a try.

As I set off I basically found myself shuffling along rather than striding outand I tried as I run along to remember to try and feel like I was falling and catching up with myself.

I also to make sure that I did not stride out imagined that I was roller skating rather than running so shuffled along.

It felt strange but at 35 minutes its the longest run I have managed for some timeand my calf and Pf felt ok after it.

Ok shuffling along did feel weird and I probably looked odd but being as I am an old boy I have got a good enough excuse to be doing it.

So all of you that have tried or do Chi Running does my experience reflect yours.And is it worth buying the book.


  • what is chi running?!

  • Canary succuncintly it is a  form of running which gets you landing on your forefoot rather than your heel and hopefully by doing this you lessen the chances of injuring yourself.

    If you google it you will get a more in depth explanation.

  • I found it helpful. I did one of the workshops and really enjoyed it.

    The book is quite hippyish and talks a lot about keeping chi flowing, but woman who ran the workshop explained exactly the same stuff with more reference to anatomy and physiology than nebulous far eastern mystical concepts.

    It's not the be all and end all, I've had injuries since, but my endurance has improved and I enjoy running more.
  • chloella if its not to rude a question was the course expensive or even extremely expensive.I ask because I have seen something somewhere it cost £1500.

  • Def buy the book as a starter for 10 and then go on a course.  I did a weekend one years ago with Danny and Katerina - posh hotel in Dublin - brill fun and reasonably expensive - but hubbie and I did another day long one recently (as a refresher for me and to get DH started) and it cost £70.  If you are in the north then check out Nick Constantine


    Top bloke and a very good teacher.

  • I did a day workshop which was ??100. I think there were 8 of us.

    It was with this lady, who is lovely. When I get a chance I think I'll go for a refresher.
  • Thanks choella & gym addict that is great news as it is nowhere near as expense as I thought it would be.

  • Then there's chi-chi running, which is running in very fashionable clothes and high heels.

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