Inov-8 trail shoes give heel blisters

I've some Inov-8 trail shoes that feel good to run x-country except that after about 5k they start to rub at the top of both heels. The fabric there seems quite unyielding and uncushioned in that place. I've used them about ten times.

Any suggestions on how to stretch or otherwise modify the shoes? Or is there an alternative I should look at?

BTW I normally wear Saucony MC5s Motion Control with an orthotic sole but need something more suited to muddy x-country.

thanks, Simonides


  • I have some innov8 (girl's ones though!) and have found the heels to be looser than my old road shoes. I haven't had any blisters yet, but plan to try 2 pairs of thin socks tomorrow when I go for a run. I often use 2 pairs of socks when walking (I did 3 peaks challenge) and this stops blisters. Will keep you posted on how it goes!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I modify shoes where they rub around the heel cup by just cutting away the offending areas.

  • Yes I'd thought about cutting away the section.  Seems a bit drastic but perhaps worthwhile. I might try Canary's tip first though!image


    Any suggestions for  a new pair of trail shoes? Not sure if it's relevant but I generally take a wide fitting. thanks!

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    Socks with more padding? Or buy a bigger pair?
  • vaseline... and loads of it... AND decent quality socks.

  • You could try steaming the heel cup.

    That should soften it and then put the shoe on, walk around until its cool. Should then fit your foot better.

    Twin skin socks will also help....

  • Yes, try the steam trick, I've not needed to but know several people it's worked for.

  • Been running in F-lite 195s the past year all on trails. Heel has been fine, but have been using the Bridgedale CoolFusion socks and feel great.

    An ultra runner mate of mine recommended Drymax Trail lite socks - he did the Hardrock 100 in them and said they are phenomenal and really come into their own in the wet areas.

    Just bought a couple of pairs from the shop and tried them out for circuit training this evening and they felt great.

  • Shoes come in defined shapes. Your feet don't.

    1) buy cross country spikes if you are doing cross country.

    2) choose a pair that fits your unique feet.

    3) stop blaming the shoes.
  • I tried Inov8s but they just don't fit my feet. I found them not very comfy and liable to give me heel blisters. I have a friend who is the same, and he's tried 4 different models. If they don't fit your feet, they don't fit your feet and that's that! Not the fault of the shoe, loads of people swear by them and love them, but if you don't find them comfy, don't waste any more of your time trying to wear them in, cause it's unlikely to happen!

  • P. S. If you know Sauconys fit your feet, buy a pair of Saucony trail shoes and wear them with your orthotics. And yes, if you're doing XC then a pair of spikes might be more sensible.

  • I tried several pairs of Inov8 shoes and all of them gave me heel problems.  I tried remoulding the heel cup which helped, but they still game me problems, especially uphill.  I then discovered La Sportiva Wildcats and everything became better.  Different shoes work for different people.  Inov8s don't work for me.  La Sportiva do.

  • I'm on my third pair of inov-8 Mudroc 290s and, although they've needed replacing due to wearing out rather than anything else, I have had problems with the tops of the heels rubbing until the shoes were worn in properly.  This webpage talks about how to steam and mould the heels of inov-8 shoes to get a better fit and I'm going to give this a try with my latest pair (which I've not worn too many times).

    I have wide feet too and I really recommend Mizuno Wave Harriers.  They are what I usually wear and are great off road.

  • Just an update in case anyone finds this thread in the future.  Steaming the heel cup of my inov8s didn't make much difference so I slit the back of the heel vertically which seemed to solve the problem for a while (I was using them as a backup pair of shoes).  I took them to the Highlander Mountain Marathon last weekend and they shredded one heel and left the other very sore.

  • The problem I have found seems to point directly at inconsistency in design. I have a pair of trail talon 250 and the heel fit is fine. However I just bought a pair of road claw 275 and the heel depth (put measuring tape vertically into the shoe at the heel) is a full 1cm lower than the trail talon. Consequently they feel as though they are not holding my heel, are very uncomfortable even to stand in. How can anyone expect to get a good fit with such huge variances in basic design. The top of the trainer makes contact with your heel in a completely different place. Suggesting it is for people with totally different foot Shape. I could only make them marginally more comfortable by removing the insole. They are going back for refund.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    The shoe 'must' hold the heel.

    Worst pair of shoes I ever had were like that. The heel cup was so low I swear the designers were trying for the shoe equivalent of 'hipsters'. Total pony.

    Went in the bin.

  • Got two pairs of inov-8's TrailTalon 250 and x-talon 200, both give me achilles blisters. Have to double sock on the 200 and single on the 250. Only reason I buy them is the grip which is great.

    I wish Altra trail shoes were better. I race in The One 2.5's awesome shoe and train in Skora Fit's another awesome shoe. No hotspots or blisters, barely feel like your wearing shoes at all.

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