Sennheiser PMX 685i headphones - going cheap!

Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

Hiya! ive got a brand new pair of sennheiser PMX 685i headphones (still in unopened box) for sale £35 if anybody is interested? hes a review


They are going for £60 on most websites, let me know if your interested. il be putting them on ebay aswell but as they are running headphones i thought id start here! - Cheers Tom


  • Did you per chance win these through RunBritain?

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    no i brought them from my local store who have a very good "buy one get on free" offer at the minute. i could try running wearing two pairs but it might be a tad uncomfy! ha ha

  • Have you considered trying a website which is designed for selling stuff (such as eBay), rather than one where selling stuff is against the terms and conditions (such as this one)?

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    there is plenty of people on here that do it if you check the forums, for a start im a runner i compete, i join in on discussions on here i buy the runnersworld magazines every month without fail. these headphones are really good and im selling them for half price so i thought i would let me fellow runners the chance to get a pair if they wanted. i feel like your trying to make me out to be some sort of criminal? if it offends you so much i will remove this post if you like?

  • Selling stuff on the forum is against the rules, it's that simple.

    That other people also do it doesn't make it OK.

    EBay is the place to sell stuff - runners can look on there too, if they want to buy something.

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    its a pair of me if your not happy about it

  • Are they just "going cheap" or are they " going cheap cheap" if the latter I think your selling a budgie!!

    Sorry, my rubbish sense of humour!
  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    haha there on ebay for £50 at the minute, ive put them on here cheaper because its a runners site and just thought i would give the chance for somebody to save a buck or two if they were looking for a pair. thats all, nothing more nothing less, if nobody's interested then fair enough!

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    ...but it would appear the forum terms and conditions enforcement officer is on my case!!

  • Do you think that the rules shouldn't apply to you?

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    there she goes again, have you really nothing better to do...

  • You haven't answered the question, though.  

    And I guess you have nothing better to do either?

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    i run with scissors, i occasionally do 31 in a 30, im wreckless to say the least

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    ..and just so you dont lose any sleep, they have sold now. but thanks for your help, this forum has now had over 150 views, before you messaged me only 10 people had looked at it. all the best - Tom

  • I love forums

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