Hi folks, During 2010-2011 and early 2012 I ran 3/4 times a week and completed half and even did 1 full marathon a mid paced runner. I then due to job change and losing my mojo I stopped running now march 2013 I have my mojo back and have entered Chester marathon October 2013. I know what sort of training I should be doing for the 16 weeks leading up to the marathon it's the how much and how soon to be doing miles pace etc now that I'm struggling with. I have ran 28 miles at a slowish 9.25 pace over the last 2 weeks and on today's run my calves are sore and hurting, Do you think this is because of too much to soon ?? Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • A little pain is no problem. I would expect you to be feeling a bit sore if you have just started running again from nothing. Just make sure to start with that you are taking long enough to recover. 16 weeks gives you plenty of time to build up slowly. A bit of variety in pace may also help you feel better rather than just running one pace the whole time. That can be mentally tiring in its self! Basically just go how you feel. If you are feeling particularly tired and saw take a couple of days off or just do a couple of miles very very easy.


  • Colin - what stretching are you doing after your runs? If none then start standing on edge of stairs in your bare/sock feet and hanging your heels off back of stair.

    There are lots of variations on this but gives your calf a good stretch and the lifts also strengthen your achilles which will be the next part of you to hurt if you are getting tight calves.

    I do 20 - 30 secs on one leg just letting my heel hang off then swap legs and repeat twice then i do 20 lifts up on to my toes on each leg and repeat three times a day.

    There are other calf stretches you should be doing too but this is the one I do all the time.

    Good luck with your marathon.

    Cheers, Skinny.

  • Thanks I will just give myself a little extra time for recovery inbetween .

    I always seem to get calves problems with my running tried all sorts foam rollers, sports massage etc maybe I just have a terrible running style .
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