7 weeks to go for my first

Hi peeps


Just wondering if i could have some training advice as i know im training hard enough. As per the title i have my first tri on may 12th. Only a short, 400m swim, 20K bike 5K run.

Im more worried about the swim as its open water. I am going 3 times a week and try to achieve somewhere in the region of 800-1000m every swim. Problem is i can only swim arouns 4 lengths without stopping (need to do 16 for tri)

Is there any tips i could use to improve or is it a case of keep what im doing and it will increase eventually?

Im trying to get out of the bike for a ride on the weekends plus i go to spin once a week and use the gym bike for a session.

As for running, i try to go out once a week plus use the treadmill at the gym

i suppose im after some sort of structure if possible





  • with the swim....have you done open water in a wetsuit before.......if not then you need to think about that ....there is a lake in the bristol area that is open all year around to swimmers but it would be cold this time of year ....you need a dash of sunshine

  • yeah the lake is just up the road from me, going to wait till few weeks before so the weather warms up plus i need to get a wetsuit and as im losing weight dont want to buy one yet


  • Very true. Just want to finish it to be honest. Take my time and enjoy the moment.

    Just had my swim lesson tonight and I'm hurting lol. 38 lengths of pain but will be worth it
  • Hellooo Mr Brizzle.... Hope the training going okay. I've got my first sprint on May 12th. For varying reasons my aim is to simply get round. Training is done when it can be fit in around shifts. You sound like you're doing all the right things! The swimming will come... Open Water is completely different, I do recommend giving it a go prior. But remember, it's all about the bike! 

  • Is 13miles twice a day, twice a week 'enough' training on the bike for a sprint Tri in May?!

  • Maybe do a 10-15miler and do a longer bike increasing up to 20-25. The need is to get off the bike with legs somewhat intact. 

  • if you are happy just to finish then don't worry too much about doing enough training...........the excitement and adrenaline on the day will get you through.....remember to go through and practise what you need for transitions.....

    that includes getting your wetsuit off and remembering to put things on in order......no point in putting your gloves on first if yopu then can't get your watch or helmet on because of the gloves........

    practise having a little run after the bike as it does feel strange  to start with...

    and don't panic .its meant to be fun........so even if you are struggling with the swim.just relax and try to concentrate on some scenery.........on my first open water i just alternated front crawl with breaststroke...the breast stoke helped me relax and enjoy the scenery as well as making sure I was going in the right direction

  • Hey sicknote,


    Its not the cotswold tri at the waterparks by any chance?

    We are planning to go open water swim in a few weeks but need to find a wetsuit first

  • Brizzle you are correct, it certainly is. First proper sprint. I rented a wetsuit last year but more expensive this year. Bought one yesterday from Chain reaction cycles. Aiming to head to South Cerney for some practice swims. Can't remember when the Sat am ones start though...

    You doing the Cotswold too then? 

  • Yes I'm doing the Sunday tri at the Cotswold. Will be my first so need to buy a tri and wetsuit in coming weeks
  • I too am there the Sun. Decided to camp night b4. Lots of kit in sales at the mo, worth a scout about! 

  • yeah im hoping heading to the bristol tri shop on sat or sunday to see if they have any to try on to get a rough sizing.

    I think we are making the early trip to reg on sunday morning, up around 430 i guess

  • Looks like camping now out as have wedding on the Sat... Waiting for wetsuit to arrive. Sufferfest done tonight. 40min run yesterday. Hoping to brave the pool in the morning. 

  • I ran 40 minutes last night also, going to gym tonight for a 20K cycle and some core training.

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