Hyde Park 20Mile Marathon Prep Run

Hi just wanted to start a thread for this, looking forward to running hyde park.

Has anyone run this before? Not many details on the site, I am guessing its laps of the inner park?



  • Hello there I've just signed up to it! Not sure where the laps are it doesn't seem to say on the website we could email the race organiser though?
  • I read somewhere the start is from the bandstand, however there is more than one I am sure?!

    I would guess though it would be the one at Marble Arch?

    Just emailed the organiser, lets see!



  • From the organiser:   Laps are 4miles, the run will be anticlockwise around the park.  The bandstand we are using is the one closest to the south east corner of the park.  The run starts at 9:45
  • also just entered, does anyone know is there parking in the park on a sunday?

  • From memory, there is parking over by the ritz and the hotels. However it is not that cheap having parked there a couple of years ago.


    Hyde park is well connected via the tube which is what I am going to use.



  • More from the organizers:   Lucozade and water  will be provided during the run, in bottles. No gels this year

    Unfortunately it's not sectioned off however I have tried to use less busy paths (let's hope for the best

  • Hi does anyone know what the time limit is for this race? I'd love to do it but i think it'll take me 4 hours.  

  • Seems a lot of money for a run in a park that is free to run in.

  • thanks for that sajstars.


    rakhee, im really slow, im assuming as its a training run theres no time limit.

  • Hi all,


    Hope you are looking forward to the run on Sunday, no limit on time we will keep the gantry open until the last runner is in.

    Hopefully running within pace groups will help your training for the big day.


    Any other questions please let me know 



  • Hey Rakee... I am planning on doing the 20 mile run but it will take me about 5 hours. Are you planning to run it in about 4?

  • Hi Seany, yeah I think it'll take me around 4 hours.  I did a 19 mile run last weekend which took me 3:40.

  • Wow... I did 15k last week in 1hr 16m which was my longest distance to date so this will be challenging!! 

    Any tips? Thanks!

  • Loftus Road Runner wrote (see)

    Seems a lot of money for a run in a park that is free to run in.

    I agree!


  • Can't help agreeing. You could all have arranged to meet and brought drinks, gels etc...

  • Isn't the money going to charity? 

  • I entered this one on Sunday but not heard anything since, will I get sent the timing chip and bib in the post or will have to collect on Sunday?


  • Hopefully you will get your race pack before the day, we sent them out on Monday first class.  If not you can get a new one on the day.

    Sorry for those that feel its a lot of money, i tried to keep the cost as low as possible, it is one of the cheapest long distance runs around and yes a pound of every entrant goes to charity along with all the money raised by the masseurs on the day.

    The idea behind the run is a mass training run where you wil get a chance to meet other marathon runners, pick up some tips and hopefully get that all improtant 20mile run at the pace you will be running on the day in a race format.  I really hope that when the marathon comes round you will look back and think that this run did help to prepare you for the marathon day.

    Best Wishes




  • Hi,

    i want to enter the run.

    was just wondering if anyone knew if i can still enter on the day??

  • TBH it is one of the cheapest long distance runs available. I have paid previously more than ??50 for an event which just gives water.

    Hope the sun comes out!
  • I shall be running this as well,it's going to be coldimageimage

  • It's not considered a good idea to do your long runs at race pace - you should be doing them quite a bit slower than you intend to run the race.


    SEÁNY O'KANE wrote (see)

    Isn't the money going to charity? 


    The organisation putting this on is a professional event company, they manage events and make money doing so.  It's not a charity event - only one pound out of each entry goes to charity.

    The Race Organiser is putting it on as a money-making event, with a small donation to charity.


  • A little injured and it does seem to be getting colder in London just in time for the weekend!


    Not a fan of long runs in the cold!



    Do these ever get cancelled? Feels like -6C and light snow forecast. 



  • I agree, its far too cold to be running.


    Due to the loops, we should get the cold wind for an equal amount of time on all parts of the body.


  • Will there be pacers for the training runimage

  • Yes pacers for the run 15 min intervals 2:45 / 3/3:15/3:30/...

  • I was supposed to be doing another 21 mile race on the same day and have realised (rather late!) that I never sent in the entry form and it's now full.  Could I enter this race on the day? If so, where and what time to register? Thanks!!

  • Hi Rich,

    I just check the web site & it says there are still entries on the day. I hope that's correct as I plan to enter tomorrow. I think thgistration is from 8:45 at the bandstand (Hyde Park corner tube end)


    I know some people have been saying £20 is a lot to run in a park but it's better than slogging-out the miles on your own - no fun at all.

    Anyone who wants a more stimulating route could try the Gade Vally Harriers run the same day. I did it last year and it's a well organised run with lots of cake at the end! But it'll be cold & windy on the many hills which is why I'll be heading to Hyde  park. 

  • Correction: registration opens 8:15

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