Hyde Park 20Mile Marathon Prep Run



  • Ok Race Pack not arrived and I entered online last Sunday..what time shall I get there tomorrow?
  • Looking forward to tomorrow whatever the weatherimageimage

  • Is the run still on ? What are the chances of entering on the day? If anyone knows it would be good to hear thanks
  • I'm sure the race will still be on David! Just rainy and wet in London... image
  • Thanks, was in the Oakley 20 but it's been cancelled due to snow boo!
  • Seems to be on and places still available:



    This is gonna hurt. Havd managed 3 half marathons (just) in the last couple of months, but this is a step up and painfully cold!!


  • Can you really get a place on the day? What time should I turn up if so?

  • Oh my days! This going to be freezing!! The longest I've ever ran is 15k! Ah well, up for the challenge! I'll be wearing the green celtics top! I have sent off my reg form but nothing in the post. You can still register in the morning! Good luck everyone! See you in a number of hours! X
  • Is the race still on as I am getting ready to leave the house
  • Where at the park can we collect our packs if we didn't receive them in the post?
  • I'm on my way. Not sure whether to run in shorts or track suit bottoms...freezing
  • Tough day !!!

  • Donr it in 3:16 - I estimated I'd run it in 4:30 so as you can imagine I'm pretty stoked. Most I've ever ran was 15k last Sunday. I learnt new things today such as the abundance of running gear that can be gotten and gels...wtf are those things? I hade dried dates and they done me fine. I'm still a novice though..
  • Finished in 2hrs 48mins,pleased with the time.Very windy in some parts of the courseimageimage

  • Good run in 2hr 40mins...! Just really cold..glad I signed up for this otherwise I may have really struggled to get out the door today.. really proud of myself. 

    Would have been better if they did give some kind of race goody mag or memento at the end though..especially given the weather todayimage

  • Well done to everyone that ran today ...amazing effort and i hope that it helped with the training 


    Results will be online about 9pm tonight





  • Great day really enjoyed it! Thanks Craig. Friendly, relaxed and organised.
  • Don't see my result at the moment.. image 

  • It was ice cold, but got round in 2:41. Garmin was 20:17? slightly more than i expected to be honest.

    I agree a medal or something would have been nice, however not a bad event. Would have enjoyed it more in the Spring or Autumn TBH. It was far from warm waiting for the race to start.


  • I finished the run in 3hrs 46 yesterday, I was hoping for around 4hrs so I was really pleased with this.

    It was a bit surprising that all the stewards around the course had left before I'd finished. I ran the last lap without seeing a single steward and no one to hand out water at mile 2. 

    At the finish there seemed to be no one around, it was all rather disheartening.

    The website also mentioned there'd be a goody bag. I wasn't expecting much, but it did say there would be one on the website. Even some chocolate or a banana would've been much appreciated.

    The route wasn't pedestrian free, overall this didn't really prove to be a problem as you'd get this on any normal training run.

    It was good to get some training in, but overall I'm not sure the costs were worth it when I could've planned a route round Hyde Park on MapMyRun for free. 


  • As one of the slower older runners, 4hr 12min for 20miles, the last lap felt brutally cold, fingers completely numb by the end.nowhere to change into warm clothes at the end other than walking back up to the toilets before my journey home, but weather no fault of the organisers, i still really enjoyed the run and as not a usual lover of laps i actually found it very pleasant (could have done without seeing the rat in the little tunnel though) good way to put some speed on!! Think we have to be grateful it wasnt wet and also that at least it was one of the few if not only long training run that actually went ahead despite the weather elements, so thanks Craig.


  • Surprisingly enjoyable run despite the conditions and the laps were less mundane than expected. I think a lot of people on this site are missing the point somewhat. This was essentially a training run rather than a race. The important medal is the one that you will get in a few weeks time! The runnersworld website does mention a goodie bag, however the race website doesn't. I do admit it would have been nice to get an energy bar at the finish however. Having to run alongside pedestrians also in a way imitates race conditions, so this didn't bother me. And I think the course distance was pretty accurate. I ran an extra 200m which id expect for running around people and not being on the racing line. I ran an extra 600m in Berlin last year!

    Toilet situation wasn't great, but this was more to do with the toilets being closed in Hyde Park corner and refurbished at the start!

    So thanks Craig. This run really achieved what it was meant to do....encouraging people to do a long training run with conditions similar to race day (albeit without the extra 35000 other runners!).
  • Total agreement with Alastair
  • Nice trainng race in bad weather conditions. Although just moved over from Germany, I´m already used to non-pedestrian-free races in London even for the faster runner. Maybe an earlier start especially in the Hyde Park would have been a good idea.

    Great idea with Marathon Pacers. The 3:30-girl started a little bit too ambitious and pretty fast, but fortunately the 3:15-man slowed her down with a laughter from our group. I hope the folks training for 3:30 could catch her later.

    Finishing after my fast 3 rounds I was astonished that there was nobody at the finish line even for the officials it was too cold.

    I`m a little bit surprised that there`s on Monday evening still no official result list for the 12 Miles. The finisher lists for this group went smaller during the day. Seems to be a hard job image


  • Great idea with Marathon Pacers. The 3:30-girl started a little bit too ambitious and pretty fast, but fortunately the 3:15-man slowed her down with a laughter from our group. I hope the folks training for 3:30 could catch her later.


    Lol, yeah she bolted past me and I was thinking that looks way to fast to keep up with. Does anyone know what time she came in at?

    I was doing 8mm (3:30 pace) but did not see her after the first 200 metres.

  • Enjoyed the run - that was my first organised 'race' and I was quite pleased with my time (3:12:51) and learnt from the experience as I went off faster than I had planned to and essentially trying to race it, then labouring for the last 2 laps.

    In terms of organisation, from a beginners' point of view, before the race, I wasn't sure who to approach for questions or who was organising the start, but the run itself was good and the laps were long enough to avoid feeling repetitive.

  • Haha!  The 3hr 30 min pacer started too quickly and as far as I could see there was no proper organisation with the pacers anyway..she was quite a way behind me and I was running at the 8min mile mark and then after half way through she came flying past but decided to call it a day at 12miles.


  • It was a struggle for me from mile 1,but just gritted my teeth and got on with it ,finished in 2hrs 48 mins.For me it was a nice training run,i hope to be running 30 miles by london marathon weekend,training for a 12hr race on the 29th june so good luck to all you runners running the london marathon,I shall be helping out at a water station around 19 milesimageimage

  • Ha, wondered what happened to the 3.30 pacer. I had planned to follow her but couldn't keep up at the start. Then totally lost her and was very surprised when the 3.15 pacer and group came passed me at 10 miles. Waited at the finish to see what my pace was like for a sub 3.30 but she never turned up!
  • I saw the 3.30 lady finish at twelves miles at 135.51 on the clock, so she was about spot on! But I think that it was a variable speed in terms of the minute miles as they flew past me at one point then slowed down again
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