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Hello, I have just joined and am feeling galvanised by other beginner's comments. I am signed up to do a sprint tri in Brussels in May. Unusually the organisers have decided to split up the distances, so it will be 250m swim - 10k bike - 2.5k run TWICE! A bit annoying, as it is the transitions which are worrying me most.

So I'm thinking I should just keep the same gear on all the time. The swim is in a pool (thank goodness). My problem is that there is NO WAY I could run without a substantial bra for support. I can't be the only woman in this position!

Does anyone have any advice/top tips?




  • Swim in your sports bra, wear it under your tri gear image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    +1 for what Iron Pingu says, no problems it dries out quite quickly.

  • +2 - soggy bras are part of the fun.  Actually the bra usually dries out better than my socks.


    I just use shock absorber run specific level 4 - steel support! - types - they dry quickly

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