Half marathon to full!!!

Hello all. Im a new member to this page, and am looking for some advice. I completed my first half marathon yesterday (liverpool) in 1hr 50mins 22sec, which i was reasonably pleased with, im 41 years old and have always wanted to run a marathon but never had the time to train. Im now fortunate to have friday mornings to myself so started doing short runs through the week (evenings) and doing a 12-15k each friday morning. And fealt that i still had a bit in the tank when i crossed the line yesterday. However, im mindfull that a full marathon is a massive step up, would anyone be able to offer advise on the best first timer marathon in the UK, preferably this year. And what sort of distances should i run on a friday to prepare for the full 26 miles. Im looking at the Manchester marathon next month, but not sure if its too soon, plus i was hoping to do one that offers a bit of scenery (no offence manchester), but on the plus side it is a flat course apparently. Any advice is appreciated. Steve


  • Forget about Manchester for now, enjoy the Half Marathon result, and then settle down to research the in and outs of training for a marathon. Look through the plans on this site, and some like Hal Higdon beginners plans. Check through some of the threads in the Spring Marathon forum.

    I am not going to give any advise - I prefer to do my own thing, but to give you an idea of typical training, you need to build up a decent base mileage of mainly easy running, and then enter a 12 to 18 week period of marathon specific training.

    You have time to do it properly with an Autumn marathon in mind. I've no doubt you could get around a marathon tomorrow, but in what time, and how much enjoyment would be questioned.

    You say you were reasonably pleased with the Half Marathon. How about builling on that experience and targeting the time you would be really pleased with. It would enhance your future marathon training.

    Good luck. Lets see if the next thread you write is "I entered a marathon and only have 4 weeks to train - what do I do?" - surprisingly common on Runners World image

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